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I wouldn't be surprised if lord Lucan came down the marble staircase on the back of shergar. I half expect them to be on the short list for the managers vacancy.


Expect the unexpected folks. And something that doesn't cost any money either.

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To paraphrase Shakespeare "Something is rank rotten in the state of Denmark". This board should hang their heads in shame, but they won't! Manifest incompetence and it is entirely down to them. I can't see a queue of candidates clamouring to be the next Rangers manager until there is a change of regime.

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McDowell never wanted the job and seems to be saying he's unable to do it. We should respect that.


Gordon Durie stepped down as East Fife manager because the of the toll it was taking on his health, there's no way he's capable of taking the Rangers job, even short term.


If Jig does get the job on a temporary basis I hope we all support him. It's worth remembering that the mess the club is in is not the fault of any of the three men named above.

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