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... in his ET interview


Rangers requisitioner Scott Murdoch: Dave King will succeed where we failed - and topple Ibrox regime


SCOTT Murdoch was one of a group of concerned Rangers fans who tried in vain to topple a hated regime at Ibrox by calling for an EGM.


Murdoch, along with Malcolm Murray, Paul Murray and Alex Wilson, failed to get elected as a director at an incendiary AGM back in 2013.


Yet, the lifelong supporter revealed today he has no doubts at all, none whatsoever, that Dave King will succeed where his gang failed.


Major shareholder King called for a general meeting last week and is hopeful he can gather enough support to oust the current board.


Senior Rangers officials yesterday revealed they are examining if the notice is valid - and appealed to the oldco director to withdraw it.


However, Murdoch has no fears the wealthy South Africa-based financier will achieve his goal and seize control at his childhood heroes.


He said: "This time will be different. I'm fully supportive of this move.


"Dave King wouldn't have called the EGM unless he knew he had the necessary backing.


"In fact, I know for a fact that he has. I am close to it. There is absolutely no question at all that he will get enough votes to oust the board.


"Rangers has been like a magnet for chancers, nutters and weirdos in the last few years.


"Hopefully, though, that is finally coming to an end.


"The club and its supporters have been through some difficult times in the last few years. But I think Rangers have great, great times ahead."


Murdoch is friendly with each member of so-called The Three Bears consortium - millionaire supporters George Letham, Douglas Park and George Taylor.


And the London-based property advisor is confident the backing of that trio, and other shareholders, will will ensure this move by King works.


He said: "Our group was never going to win the vote at the AGM.


"That was always obvious to us. Even at an EGM, which we agreed not to hold to save the club money, we wouldn't have won.


"It came down to quantum of shareholding. Unfortunately, the proxy votes that Sandy Easdale held meant that we were up a gum tree. We knew we would fail.


"We were just trying to make a statement. We all believed that the support we drummed up might at least lead to one of two of the directors, Brian Stockbridge in particular, leaving.


"We just wanted to galvanise as much support as we could to show that people like Stockbridge had to go. It worked in many respects.


"Unfortunately, though, there are still two or three nasty people involved at the club. They have all got to go in my strong opinion."


Murdoch added: "The mistake Paul Murray and myself made was that we said we didn't want to put good money into the club the way it was being run at the time.


"But that meant we didn't have enough votes. What has happened this time is different because of the shares they (King and The Three Bears) have bought from Laxey Partners and River and Mercantile.


"It is different this time around with the shares they have and the backing they have.


"The fans have also bought shares through Buy Rangers and Rangers First. And other investors will support them.


"You don't have to be a mathematician to work out that they will get more than the 50 per cent of the vote that they need. Ashley and the Easdales are history. There is no way the EGM will fail." Bearsden-born Murdoch, who has stopped attending Rangers home games in protest at how the club is being run, admits he is baffled by off-field events at Ibrox. The board is poised to grant Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley security over Ibrox and Murray Park in return for a loan of £10million.


But Letham, Park and Taylor are prepared to offer over £5 million - the sum Rangers directors told them they needed - without using the stadium for security.


Murdoch has been involved behind the scenes and revealed the group, and their associates, are prepared to plough even more money into the ailing Glasgow giants in the future.


He said: "I am very close to the two Georges (Letham and Taylor) and to Douglas (Park).


"I'm very much in touch with the guys. I am involved in more ways than one. I am in the mix.


"The money is there. And there is plenty more to come. Not just from them either. There are other individuals. Why the club don't accept their offer is beyond me."


Rangers, who need to secure substantial fresh investment before April to stay afloat, appear to be in a state of total disarray both on and off the park at the moment.


Their chances of completing "The Journey" and returning to the top flight of Scottish football appear slim after recent results and the sale of star player Lewis Macleod.


But Bearsden-born Murdoch can still envisage a return to the days when they challenged Old Firm rivals Celtic for major honours and competed in Europe.


He said: "Dave King is working separately from The Three Bears that's for sure. But they are like-minded.


"They are true Rangers men. I am sure that in the future they will be able to sort this out.


"Graham Wallace, the former chief executive, was, for all of his faults, a good guy.


"He thought the place was a mess, but a mess that could be resolved by proper businessmen who are all Rangers men.


"I think the important thing is to have Rangers men. The club needs that.


"There can't be people involved who have no emotional attachment to the club.


"Rangers needs some tender loving care for the next few years from people who care about its survival and I think that's what they are about to get."


My headline makes for a good signature. :champs:



If anything, those currently trying to oust the board have learned (the hard way) that the key is in having enough shares. Let#s hope this goes through, Murdoch sounds rather confident and you'd hope King has done this because he IS confident of success.

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Rangers fans are 'repulsed' by Mike Ashley's move to ringfence Ibrox as security for loan, claims requisitioner Scott Murdoch


REQUISITIONER Scott Murdoch believes Mike Ashley is fighting tooth and nail for power at Rangers to protect the most lucrative contract of his career.


But he believes the Sports Direct tycoon and Newcastle United owner has made a serious error of judgment trying to gain security over Ibrox.


And he admits he has no idea why James and Sandy Easdale are still clinging to power after the personal abuse they have been subjected to by Gers fans.


He said: "Apparently Ashley has stated the retail contracts he negotiated with Rangers when Charles Green was in charge are the most lucrative of his entire career.


He wants to protect them as best he can. He is a man who doesn't like to lose a battle.


"But he doesn't know what he's let himself in for by looking for Ibrox as security.


"He has ostracised those fans who still backed him. They are repulsed by this move.


"He's misjudged the strong feelings among the Rangers supporters on this matter and has failed to appreciate the consequences of his actions."


Murdoch added: "I ask myself why the Easdales want to be involved at Rangers every single day.


"I don't think it's as simple as wanting to sit in the directors' box.


"I think they soak up the PR - even though it is mostly negative against them. It's horrible and most other human beings would run a mile. But I think they enjoy it in a weird way.


"Maybe they also have obligations to Margarita and Blue Pitch (whose proxies Sandy Easdale holds) and have been told to stay in there. I have no idea. Maybe they just want a fight."



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You don't have to be a mathematician to work out that they will get more than the 50 per cent of the vote that they need


he seems convinced but does someone have the breakdown for this?


have they been assured behind the scenes that certain holdings will vote with king?

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Would anyone be surprised if Graham Wallace made yet another appearance in this saga? He seems to come across as a character that has came around to their way of thinking.


His bonus was "keep your mouth shut money" He wasn't removed from the board because he agreed with them.

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