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Not much yet, but here we go ...


Gattuso’s up Ger it


Published: 21st January 2015


GENNARO GATTUSO has applied to be the new Rangers boss.


The former Ibrox star, who won the World Cup with Italy in 2006, had been favourite to take charge at Hamilton.


Rest later or from behind the pay wall of The Sun

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Imagine if Lemon was still in charge of them and Rino was our boss, more chance of a fight on the sidelines than on the pitch! haha

Would love him as a coach, but he's nowhere near earned his stripes to take on the big job yet.


McCoist hadn't 'earned his stripes' either IMO but he was given the job. Not only that but on the most ridiculous contract ever given to someone who'd never managed before.

We may well need to take a gamble with someone like Gattuso for manager. At least in Serie A he should have got a tactical knowledge of the game which is sadly lacking at present. I dread to think what will happen if we go into the yahoos game with that vulnerable 4-4-2 system where teams flood the MF and dictate the game to us.

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Let's see: possibly working for free, has at least a little experience as manager and will sure kick every player up the backside who is not performing for the club he loves. I think the board and we could do a lot worse till the end of the season. I'd assume McDowall would drive him to Ibrox to sign and take the job off him ...


No more than a stop-gap, but unless the good guys take over, I'd assume no long-term manager will sign up for us.

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