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Rangers: Rino Gattuso wants return to Ibrox as manager

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Wow i will be staying off this forum now. cheers for the telling off. you need to get a life mate, too much time on your hands disecting an opinion.. and your an admin???


supposed to encourage people not shoot them down on their first post.. good luck mucker.


LOL. Welcome to Gersnet :thup:


Firstly, anyone that knows me knows I am not the "telling off" type - unless people are running in breach of forum rules.


My post wasn't directed at you, it was directed in the general direction of those who are fawning over having Rino back - like every other possibility out there, there is no guarantee of success and with Rino there is no guarantee that he can pass his passion onto players.


As for me being an admin - I'm not entirely sure what that has to do with this, so please explain ? Or is an admin not allowed to have their own opinion on matters ? Am I supposed to sit idly by letting everyone else have their opinion and ignore my own ? Is that really the job of an admin ? I thought my post was reasoned, balanced and I at least justified why his appointment wouldn't fill me with excitement.


I hope you stick around because you will find that this forum is an excellent wee forum but there is an expectation that we debate with reason, respect and justify your position - which I think I did, and I believe I did it without breaking forum rules and whilst affording you the respect that you deserve as a Gersnet member. on the other hand, your suggestion that I "get a life" simply because you couldn't argue your position is something that we don't come to expect on Gersnet. Instead of throwing silly attitudes around (but since you mention it, my life is perfectly fine thanks very much - no need for me to "get a life" when the one I have is a very happy one, cheers for the suggestion though :P).


But if you are going to be this sensitive over a post which isn't aimed at you in particular and doesn't get personal in any way then perhaps Gersnet really isn't the place for you - but heaven help you on other Gers forums out there.


As you say though.... "Good luck mucker".

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