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I would congratulate the RFB for an excellent Statement though "lack of communication" might have been better than "very little comunication" and the last sentence of the Explanation could have been worded a little better.


One assumes that the statement has been sent to the CEO and will make headline news tomorrow.


If the Board do not begin meaningful discussions with the RFB as a result, that allows them to fulfil their functions of "providing a platform for supporters to communicate directly with key Club staff in a structured manner" and "Allow supporters to better understand the Club’s decision-making process on key issues "


then they only have one option, namely to resign en masse.

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Thinking about this a bit more, it seems a bit Machiavellian to me.


It's hard to see the Board climbing down, though they may issue a conciliatory statement or invite the RFB to a special meeting or something like that but most likely, they will remove the entire board (because whatever I was alleged to have done this must be seen as much worse), disband the RFB altogther or just do nothing, which would leave the RFB Members with only one option.


So perhaps that is indeed their intended course (it's hard to believe it wasn't considered) and they just want to give the Board a last chance or the opportunity to do it for them.


I think they know what they should have done when I was removed (albeit some of them had a hand in it) but I still applaud this course of action.

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Pleased to note this development overnight.


Thanks to those who shared my motion request and well done to the RFB for acting so promptly. Democracy in action.


Yes, this development may not change much on the face of things but, for now at least, when it comes to the fans the club board's position is now untenable. As such, the pressure is increased further.

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