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Having watched a few of the Newcastle U20s games on Sky - I have been impressed with Vuckic (he has been capped by Slovenia) and it seems that Bigirimana was highly rated but fell out of favour.


Let me be clear though - I would only be taking them if no wages were being paid - and we had an option to sign them.


Also - why did we not bring them in before Sunday?

An option to sign them? Don't make me laugh!

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My biggest fear . .


The Rangers turned into a Newcastle Academy.


Isn't this exactly the sort of arrangement that the SFA's dual influence rules were designed to prevent?


I'd be amazed if this doesn't result in further investigation and the threat of sanctions.

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The fees being the remaining quarter of Rangers Retail and the other half of the shirt sponsorship?


We know you get nowt from Ashley for nowt,................ even if at a first casual glance it may seem as you do.


The devil is usually in the detail and that sometimes comes to the light 'X' amount of months later.

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I'd be surprised if any of these guys actually end up joining us. It's all just rumour


I've seen a trend wrt Newcastle that is the letting go of various rumours that seldon come to fruition.


The big one that has often been repeated over a number of years is the sale of the club at strategic moments. This suggests spin at play, directly from the Ashley camp.


This present rumour regards players only has a certain amount of time to run before it happens or not and for that reason, there is little value in it for the Ashley camp in being a deflectory tactic. In fact it would work against him so I wouldn't be surprised if something happens.

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