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This is another area where dual ownership comes into question and particularly who it is that is designed to be the main beneficary regards the financial dealings. I think that this may be 'sold' as a plus point for Ashley involvement although the reception to any such 'sale' would depend on performance, if involved.


On the latter point, I would think it likely that a new manager would be drafted in soonish.

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and no loan "fee"?


Well, just for the sake of the argument, how much did we demand from the clubs we loaned our youngsters to? Airdrie, Cowdenbeath et al? How much of our players' wages did we cover?


No-one is lapping this stuff up, but do we all want to remain with the personal we have till the end of the season, living in hope that the coup at the top of the club will happen and a not yet identified manager will come in and sign quality freebies?

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