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ENGAGEMENT: We want YOU to put forward meaningful and hard-hitting questions to the RFC Board that fans needs answers to. The RFB, your representatives, will ask them when we next meet with the RFC Board in the near future. We welcome questions but ask you to pose them in a dignified manner. We will endeavour to ask and get answers for as many as possible.
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first question.

mr llambias how can we trust a single word you say when you happily lied about stadium renaming putting good money into Rangers?


second question.

how can this board say it works for the benefit of the club when its members cost the club millions in lost revenue through merely staying in position ?


question 3.


does the board not realise that no matter what they do or say their position remains untenable?


question 4.


why when deciding on best course action in reference to loans or shareholder involvement is no emphasis put on the actions that would attract back thousands of customers instead of accepting mike ashley loans that lose us supporters in droves?


question 5.


can this board tell us of one action it has taken that has attracted new custom and countered the losses in custom due soley to their continued particapation?


question 6.


As a season ticket holder I would like to state clearly and precisely for your benefit that i will not renew next season if any of you remain on the board. I believe that is a feeling replicated throughout the support from my involvement in following Rangers and talking to fellow fans. So please can you refrain from saying you will do everything in your power to safe guard the clubs future when your continued involvement is the single biggest threat to our survival. Since this hass to be framed as a question, Do you think we are all daft?

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How confident are you that the fans, who will be key in the voting at the EGM, vote to keep the board?


Why accept a loan, incurring debt we cannot pay back, over investment with floating charges being placed over club assets?


Why don't you just fuck off home.


Your first two will pass muster be a bit more difficult with the third one.....:D

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Why have you taken a loan from Mike Ashley at the same time as cutting our income streams therefore reducing our ability to pay?


Why have you allowed Mike Ashley to increase his hold over Rangers in the face of SFA objections on dual ownership?


Do you not realise we don't want to be in debt to Mike Ashley and won't support the current regime?


Why did you sell our best asset for a pittance?


When will it sink into your thick heads we are not coming back until you fuck off? Optional question :D

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What are the boards short, medium & long term plans with regards to finance & investment?? How does Mike Ashley figure in these plans???


Why was there apparently no meaningful contact/negotiations with Robert Sarver???


How does the board intend to improve the on-field team quality??


What plans do the board have for encouraging the fans back to Ibrox???

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Is there anything you have done to put the interests of Rangers Football Club before yourselves or your financial paymasters ?


What do you intend to do to recoup some of the millions lost by executive mismanagement. Have you consideted appointing an independent auditor to forensicaly go through the books ?


Why dont you just fuck off back to Newcastle in a dodgy bus owned by a couple of fat, useless c@@@@ ?

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