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Would you change the club tie back?

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Once the good guys get control I'd like to see them return to the Yellow/Red/Blue club tie's that Gough was wearing yesterday at the press conference.


I'd resign the current one to history and let it never be worn at the club again. Too many rats have graced it and for me it's now stained.






Yellow/red/blue ugly looking rag,not representative of the club.

I have a tie and dress scarf from the sixties,Royal blue with the club crest on them.

They still look beautiful today,that's what we should be going back to.

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It's a shame some of the clowns running the Club over the past 3 to 4 years have got within an inch of them, but I like the current Club tie a lot and I like the matching silk neck scarves worn by some of the ladies who work for the Club which are based on the same design.


I don't think it's even a recent or a completely new tie & scarf design either because I've seen some female neck scarves using a very similar design, but with slightly different shades of red, white & blue and different thicknesses of diagonal line which looked quite old, almost vintage in fact.


Here's a photo of 9 Rangers ties that someone was selling back in 2012....



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I think I have most, if not all of these ties, Zappa. They were sent out by the club for being a bond holder or something similar.


Cheers mate, that makes sense. The one on the far left is an example of what I was talking about with their having been older versions of the current design, but with different thicknesses of diagonal stripe, in that case, thinner stripes.

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