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Homefans: A new football experience

Guest Luke Verbeek

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Guest Luke Verbeek

Hi guys,


We have launched a system for football fans who want a better and authentic football experience during match days. Our vision is to provide football fans from around the world the opportunity to be more than just a spectator by providing a homestay with a true local fan from their favourite club. Visiting fans will stay with local fans at their houses and pay them for their hospitality. Travelling fans will be able to stay with local fans, to get reasonably priced accommodation nearer the stadium and match day experience through the eyes of local fans.


Homefans helps visiting fans and local fans to make contact and arrange homestay accommodation when they travel. By encouraging visiting fans to stay with locals, we aim to help local fans earn an income from sharing their lives with visiting fans from their local club. Travelling fans will be supporting local supporters financially through this system. Instead of staying in a hotel, fans will spend their time with local fans to experience a better match day experience. All too often, football fans arrive, look around and take photos, but the local people who live there remain little more than 'extras' - part of the background of the local football club. By contrast, visiting fans get a deeper experience of the place they visit than just seeing the club, bars and sights.


People interested in either becoming a host fan or guest can sign up through our website. Visiting individuals and families can then search the host fan database to find hosts to be matched to on request basis. We already got our first local host fans for Rangers in Glasgow and it would be great to add some more true local fans, who would like to earn an extra income and rent out a spare room to a visiting Bear, to our database.


You can visit the website and the specific Rangers page at http://www.homefans.net/rangers-fc.html to see if this is something you'd be interested in.

Feel free to share it with others and you can follow us on social media to get the latest news and offers in the coming months.



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