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Fans Board Statement re Llambias intention to disband it.

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STATEMENT: Members of the RFB received individual letters from Rangers Football Club a few minutes ago. The letter states that the Club has decided to exercise its right in terms of clause 23.1 of the Constitution to dissolve RFB with immediate effect.


We have responded to Rangers Football Club that we have received their letter dated 26 February 2015 purporting to dissolve the RFB in terms of clause 23.1 of the Constitution. We note that said clause reads:


'23.1 The Club shall have reserved to it the exclusive right to amend the constitution at any time. Any amended constitution must be publicised by the Club on fansboard.rangers.co.uk and http://www.rangers.co.uk.'


There is no power under clause 23.1 of the Constitution to dissolve the RFB. We therefore remain as Elected Representatives of the RFB.



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This sort of mishap would never have happened on James' watch..... Seriously though, how many mistakes have we witnessed? And that's only the stuff they intend for us to see (most of the time). Hopefully this nonsense is coming to an abrupt halt soon.

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As Tom Johnstone says:




22.1 The Club shall have the power to dissolve OCRM or RFB at any time at its sole discretion.


All they need do now is re-issue the letters with the correct reference.


I'm surprised that they didn't include something along the lines of if you continue to represent yourself as a member of the RFB you will be hing drawn and quartered.

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Club have re-sent updated attempt to dissolve board but this has again been rejected as constitution was never ratified.


Tom Johnstone is a lawyer but I don't see where the Constitution requires to be ratified and absent any debate to the contrary I would imagine they would be held to have been working to or under it. It was imposed at the outset and in any event 23.1 gives them the power to amend it at any time.


I was going to propose a Constitution sub committee to review it but that was never formed and wouldn't be relevant now anyway.

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