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New Rangers song.- For BB boys

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Taken from FF. they are asking if this could be the next Rangers song. This version is too slow for me and while I love the song i don't see it being a hit as a football song to be honest.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yObctSSgVFo&feature=youtu.be


I know this speed better.



In the saviours love could be changed to in the Rangers love.

for all the old BB cronies.:)

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Will you anchor hold has been sung at Ibrox before. I'm sure TBO used to sing it.


Love the song but also don't like the slow version.


Agree totally although the BB version would need to be made less of a hymn.

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I remember getting slung out of a pub in Paisley when we started singing that. The regulars must have thought we were the Salvation Army come to save their souls, but if I remember aright we were just steaming. The bouncers must have been Cub Scouts, though, as they lobbed us unceremoniously onto the street, upon which outrage we regaled passers-by with the theme tune from 'Heidi' until the bouncers came back outside & threatened us with dire consequences unless we beat it. There was about half a dozen of us at it.


Ah, youth.

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227 Kelvinhaugh loyal!!!


Steadfast football champions of Great Britain 19??(Early 70's)

Jim Kelly Head of youth coaching at Ross County was our star player. Apart from me of course.

If anyone could hit a ball harder than Jim then I have yet to see him.


Just a wee pep up to Rangers we beat another team out of Glasgow in the final in Stoke that had already beat us in two other earlier rounds. we kept going through the rounds as second although to be fair we were younger than most teams. Some of the guy's in the other Glasgow team were a year in front of me at school. they were right pissed off.:)

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