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What is Walter thinking....?

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... in terms of tactics and personnel for next season.


I think the side might look something like this:











I agree we need another right back which might help Hutton achieve a better level of consistency. With Klos leaving, we'll need another goalie unless we give the impressive Lee Robinson a chance as deputy.


In midfield, Hemdani might move on but I think he'd get on well alongside Thomson or playing just in front of the back 4 enabling Ferguson to get forward.


Brown and McCulloch could be signed for a combined �£3-3.5million and both of them would make good buys for deeper, wider roles while supporting Boyd as the poacher.


With Klos, Prso and Buffel all set to move on that will free up money for wages so that way we'll be able to afford the 3 or 4 players we need. In saying that guys like Burke, Adam, Murray, Novo and Svensson et al might still be able to provide adequate back-up for a better quality first XI.


I just hope we have a 2nd place finish and CL football to help fund any transfer fees. We can ill-afford to finish 4rd again. That would be a disaster.


PS: Trying to get back posting now after a hectic few weeks making the new RST website and real work... ;)


Let's get Gersnet buzzing again!



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____________Boyd_________McCulloch (Alves!! Just dreaming.)_________



You said it already Frankie i see Hemdani as a sitting midfielder letting the rest get forward.


All the newspaper talk is that the Brown deal is already done but i hope we don't get another Riorden situation, that would really shatter us.

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Hopefully Prso gets the all clear to stay on for another year but even then I can see him being a bit part player which is a shame.


But pretty much agree with the line ups above and we need a keeper and RB aswell as McCulloch. Of course, if Webster is in the team we need to sign him first. Im beginning to think Ehiogu could be a peach of a signing for 2 seasons.


I still hope Sebo gets a run of games to see if he can prove his worth.


It could be a big few months for Hemdani. He has been one of our better players this season and has stolled through some matches, but I can see him being the one missing out next season, but hopefully not and il go with Frankies team. But if Sebo comes good id swap him with Boyd.









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You cant help noticing the amount of "Rangers suppoters" in that team. Well done walter for bringing in men who know what we are all about, who will hurt when we hurt and will dig deep when were in a hole. take note mr Bain, you almost stripped us of our identity when you got rid of all the rangers men at ibrox but i bet walter whips you back into line pronto.

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