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Charles Green: I’ll be back

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Wasn't accepted because he wasn't born a bluenose? My arse. He wasn't accepted because his entire mission on arriving at the club was to remove as much money from it as possible. I abhor violence but if he ever shows his face near Ibrox again I will join the fuqing lynch mob. His head on a spike outside the Louden would serve as a warning to others.

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Although the title is misleading (fancy that eh?!) in that it doesnt say Ashley has actually asked him, Mr Green is mad.

Is he still in his hospital bed? The man needs to lay off the meds, stop rambling on and jog on.


Tread carefully with this.

The man obviously has mental health issues,he is to be pitied rather than scorned.


He is neither mad nor mentally ill it's all part of his carefully coordinated strategy to play the Ernest Saunders defence for when his door finally gets kicked in.

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