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Result of the Venue of the 3rd Semi-Annual Gersnet Dinner

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    • Bella Fresca
    • Indian Brasserie
    • Malaga Tapas

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I am working on the basis that the dinner will be on the 16th or 23rd of May as per the discussion in the “dates” thread and that the venue should be in the proximity of Ibrox Stadium.


I suggested that apart from Malaga Tapas, we could consider the Sherbrooke Hotel, Bellahouston Hotel, The Balcony Cafe, Punjab Indian Restaurant, Bella Fresca all on PRW, House for an Art Lover on Dumbreck and Bella Vita on Mosspark Blvd.


Based on comments from BD I have discounted the two hotels and House for an Art Lover.


The Balcony Café closes at 6.00pm on a Saturday and Bella Vita are not interested in our size of party “as it slows their kitchen"!


I spoke to Malaga Tapas and visited Indian Brasserie (formerly Punjab Indian) and Bella Fresca on Saturday after the match.


Bella Fresca


This Italian Restaurant is situated at 2093 Paisley Road West, Glasgow G52 3JH, between Berryknowes Road and Sandwood Road, just over 2 miles from Ibrox Stadium. Without traffic it would be less than a 10 minute drive but in after match traffic it could easily take 20 minutes or more.


It is currently rated #56 of 1,943 Restaurants in Glasgow with 4½ stars (from 123 reviews) according to Tripadvisor. The most recent review is headlined “Good food but a bit cramped”.




It was very busy when I visited at 6.30pm on Saturday; there was hardly a space in the 50-seater sitting area.


They could offer us bench seating for 18-20 on the right hand side and additional tables for 6-12 people.


We might be able to have a quiz but we would not be able to have a guest speaker at this location.


They have a set dinner menu which currently features:


Starters: Minestrone Soup; Chicken Liver Pate; Calamari, Bruschetta, etc.


Mains: Pizza Margherita with one topping; Lasagne; Penne Pasta with Goat’s Cheese and Vegetables or olives, capers and anchovies; Mushroom & Truffle Risotto; Garlic Chicken; Linguine with crumbled Italian Sausage; Gnocchi with smoked ham.


Dessert: Tiramasu or Ice Cream


The cost would be £13.95 per person, which is exactly as per the printed menu with no concession for numbers. Therefore, in order to cover the cost of a guest (if invited), we would probably charge £15 per person.


However, if we started at 5.30pm they would want the tables back by 7.30pm.


Indian Brasserie (formerly Punjab Indian Restaurant)


This Indian Restaurant is situated at 560 Paisley Road West, Glasgow G51 1RF, less than 10 minutes walk from Ibrox Stadium, 30 yards from the junction of Copland Road and Paisley Road West.


It is currently rated #841 of 1,943 Restaurants in Glasgow with 4 stars (which is perhaps unfair because there are only 4 reviews) according to Tripadvisor. The most recent review is headlined “Best Meal Everrrrrrrrrrrrrr”




The restaurant seats 32 with one bench that would accommodate a maximum 15/16 and the rest in tables of 2/4. There was only one couple dining when I visited at 5.30pm on Saturday.


The restaurant changed hands about a year ago but the current owner states that the Punjabi chef has been in post for 20 years.


Spiced poppadoms will be provided as we gather.


They would then offer a Chefs Platter of Starters consisting of: Mixed Pakora; Chicken Chaat, Aloo Tikki, Seekh Kebaba and Chicken Tikka.


We would then have a free choice from the full a la carte menu featuring: tandoori chicken, lamb, king prawns etc; and a full range of cooked to order in-house specials including Korma, Bhoona, Biryani, Chasni, Jaipuri, Masala, Nashli, Malaidar, Shakuti, Rogan Josh, Balti, Patia, Dhansac etc. European dishes are available if required.


Nan bread, chapattis and boiled rice as required.


A variety of Desserts will be offered including the traditional Indian hot Gulab Jamin with ice cream.


The owner will close the restaurant for us (up to 9.00pm) if we can bring at least 20 people. Therefore we can have a guest speaker at this venue.


The price for all of the above will be £9.95 per person which is the same as their pre-theatre menu but these will be full a la carte portions whereas the pre-theatre is normally smaller portions and our deal includes the desserts which are priced normally at £2.95-£3.95.


Therefore in order to cover the cost of one guest, we would probably charge £10.75 or £11.00 per person.


Malaga Tapas


This Spanish restaurant has been the venue for the first two Gersnet Dinners. It is situated at 213-215 St. Andrews Rd, Glasgow G41 1PD at the junction of Shields Road and St Andrews Drive. It is about 2.5 miles from Ibrox via Dumbreck and Nithsdale Road. This has proven to be the quickest route although it can be difficult to get on to Dumbreck, once there the traffic flows freely post match; approximately 15-20 minutes drive.


It is currently rated #27 of 1,943 Restaurants in Glasgow with 4½ stars (from 350 reviews) according to Tripadvisor.


The most recent review is headlined “Authentic Spanish food.”




The first dinner was held in the main restaurant but for the second we had private use of the café next door. However, it should be noted that this has now been rented out so that we would be accommodated in the main 60-seater restaurant whatever the size of our party. Therefore we would be able to have a quiz but we would not be able to have a guest speaker on this occasion at this location.


All the other arrangements will be the same as last time. The price of the dinner itself will remain at £18.00. Therefore, in order to cover the cost of a guest (if invited), the final price will be £19.50.


The dinner price really only covers the standard Malaga Tapas deal, which is for 3 tapas per person and a dessert of your choice; however, in our case it will include a primer plato of meats and bread and choice of paellas after the tapas. Again, as last time there will be at least 6 different tapas, x3 per person and three different paellas. Tapas selections will be from the menu http://malagatapas.co.uk/menu/.


This was our menu last time.


Pescado en Adobo


Gambas al Pil-Pil


Morcilla Española (Cristobal would like folk to be aware that Spanish black pudding is not the same as the Scottish variety)


Chorizo frito al vino tinto


Pisto Manchego


Bravas con salsa Picante & a’li-oli


Croquetas de Pollo


Pollo a la Crema


There will be two large paellas one Montana (chicken and dry-cured chorizo), one Paella de Mariscos (seafood Paella with prawns, mussels squid and white fish) and one standard size vegetarian.


You can have your choice from any dessert on the blackboard but the crème catalan (Spanish crème brulee) fired at the table, is a favourite.




Please vote in the poll provided and/or post any comments in this thread.

The poll will be open from 7 days from today.

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Doesn't really bother me either way but I quite fancy the Indian for a change - cheaper and very close to Ibrox. The private nature of it might be useful if we can get 20 folk again.


I didn't know the place existed until a year or two ago but have never visited as I didn't expect the place to be up to much. However, coincidently, as I was saying to ian1964 on Saturday, I seen a few bears go in the other week so asked their opinion of the place and they said it was very good and certainly comparable to anywhere else in the area.


PS: Thanks to BH for his in-depth report and taking the time to investigate!

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I like the sound of Indian Brasserie. Thanks for making me hungry BH, my sandwiches are going to be very disappointing this afternoon.


Thanks for posting your opinion and apologies for spoiling your sandwiches.


Look forward to seeing you there regardless of venue.

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