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SEBO wanted PAPAC wanted

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Vienna want Sebo, Papac ââ?¬â?? on the cheap

AUSTRIA VIENNA have told Rangers they would welcome back Filip Sebo and Sasa Papac this summer - but for a drastically reduced fee.


Paul Le Guen spent a combined sum of �£2.4m on the pair after spending last summer vying with the Austrians to let the players leave.


Both players have failed to live up to their price tags and have been unable to impose themselves on the SPL.


Markus Kraetschmer, the Vienna general manager, said: "They are players we would be interested in.



"But they went to Rangers for a lot of money and their prices would have to come down a lot if they were to return to Austria Vienna. Rangers signed good quality players from us, but then the manager was fired, and we read with some interest that Filip Sebo and Sasa have been flops.


"We feared it would be the end for these players knowing Le Guen had gone.


"I am surprised they have not done better, but maybe the new coach doesn't play the right system for them."


Vienna are currently struggling at the bottom of their league and are keeping tabs on players they allowed to leave.


Sebo and Papac would be delighted to quit Rangers to head to their former club, and it could yet be agreed if the price is right.


"They went for a new challenge but we have kept in touch with them, and spoke on the phone at Christmas," said Kraetschmer.


"I understand why they went, but our door is not closed for them."


I still hope Sebo can come good but i don't see Papac getting much of a chance to be honest.

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Sebo is a trier if nothing else, Papac is just rank rotten.



He does try, but how f*ckn long are we going to persevere with this guy? Players a hell of a lot better than Sebo have been given dogs abuse at Ibrox, yet some of our fans still sing Sebo when he comes on. The guy is an embarrassment and I won't be sad if he goes back to Vienna

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sebo is a real joke figure where i sit at the games.


probably the same people up in arms at that sebo joke on bbc!!


saw a bit of something that would suggest the guy can come good against hearts, first time iv seen that, but papac has been a disappointment since arriving.


first game or 2 looked decent and has since gone into hiding... the fact that PLG let smith walk right back into the team says alot for me there.


guess we'll just have to review it in the summer! alot can change between now and then...

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