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Poll for the Date of the 3rd Semi-Annual Gersnet Dinner

What date do you prefer for the 3rd Gersnet Dinner  

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  1. 1. What date do you prefer for the 3rd Gersnet Dinner

    • 25th of April
    • 16th of May
    • 23rd of May

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I rather selfishly voted for the 23rd as it is the only one I can make. (See you next season, Frankie!). The April one probably makes most sense, however, given the circumstances.

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The polling is very tight on this so far so I would encourage anyone who thinks they might attend to cast a vote.


I see no reason why anyone should not vote for what suits them best; that's the nature of democracy after all, as Frankie says the majority will decide.

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One suggestion that may be worth exploring if we can't find an agreeable date is having the meal on the day of a Founders Tour.


To my shame, I've still not been able to attend one of these so would love to do so in the presence of other Gersnet bears. Given some of these take place on Saturdays outwith match-days then that be be an option for the future.


I like this proposal and would welcome the opportunity to attend; however I think someone else should organise this one.


As the dinners are becoming established as Christmas/New Year & end of season affairs perhaps the best time for this would be in the Autumn?


I'm happy to act as treasurer for it and use my Gersnet Dinner sub account to hold the money, if that helps.

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I have a wedding to attend on the 25th. Both May dates suit but if it happens to be on the 25th this month then I hope The Founders Tour can be arranged as that is something I haven't experienced yet.

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