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A letter published in The Herald - well done to the Bear who submitted this ;


I'Nuremberg rally' has no place in football

I write this after having read Graham Spiers' diary piece regarding his experiences in Nuremberg - especially in the Zeppelinfield which, as we all know, has notoriety in the annals of history.

I am actually quite pleased Mr Spiers wrote an eloquent article describing his personal emotions when gazing out over the awesome arena and the images which must surely have flashed in to his head at that precise time.

He wrote: "Zeppelinfield looks exactly the same as it did in the infamous photographs from the period, with the large concrete podium at the top of the arena from where Hitler shrieked, looking out over a 400-metre parade ground where the stormtroopers marched.

"It is the most moving,and disturbing, spot in which I have found myself writing about sport."

Until this last paragraph, I didn't feel the need to comment.

Hopefully now after having visited the Zeppelinfield Mr Spiers will finally appreciate why so many Rangers fans, including those from the Jewish faith, found his light-hearted comments about Ibrox resembling a "Nuremberg rally," not only distasteful but downright insensitive and deeply hurtful.

Mr Smith, via email



Cammy F

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Good for him getting that printed. That was one of the reasons i stopped buying any papers. Was absolutely sick of the garbage they were printing about rangers and the fans. And every Sunday Gerry McNee would just make me bring my breakfast back up with his vile. Besides why waste the money getting a paper when you can go into the many rangers forums and get the news first and usually a few before it's even in the paper

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I had some corrospondence with Spiers late last week.


He won't respond apart from reiterating that he thinks comparing Rangers fans to Nazi's is acceptable.


He seriously thinks that ? The man needs to be relieved of his duties for comparing a football club with some of the worst atrocities mankind has ever seen.


Spiers is as low as they come.


So Mr. Smith.... I mean Frankie ;)

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