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Possible re-location of CR bears

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I don't see why it should be low in priorities. I know plenty of people who stopped going because the old football fan feeling wasn't there any more. No atmosphere. They want people through the gates. That would bring plenty I would bet. I for one would want to stand rather than sit - in a heartbeat.


Longer term I am sure they will introduce it. But I reckon they need the money spent elsewhere at present as I understand it isn't cheap to install.


I would like to see it installed personally and it may indeed bring more fans back who miss the "traditional" football - I'm not THAT old and I prefer to stand at the footy too :D

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In the interests of balance....



Union Bears


I didn't get a chance to post a full explanation from our side last night and there has unfortunately been a lot of misinformation posted. That was always the danger of the club sending out survey without full explanation.


Firstly, some background as to where we came from as a group. It is correct that the Union Bears were located in CR1 from 2007-2011. During that time we probably had around 20 participants and were more a group of mates than anything serious. There was an awful lot of bad blood between members and other fans in CR1, with wrongs on both sides. Primarily some within a seated section wanting to stand and sing is simply not going to go down well, people had to be given the choice.


In 2011 we were approached by The Blue Order and asked if we'd move to a joint section in BF1. The cub had earmarked that section as it was easiest to Police and control, there was never at any time a choice of where this section would be, it was BF1 or nowhere. We decided that for our group to grow into the singing/tifo/ultras group we all wanted we'd have to move from CR1, and this is what we done.


Since then we have grown massively in BF1, and until last year's boycott we controlled the entire section and had it generating at times a very good atmosphere. We returned from our boycott in December last year and have been there in force every game since then. As we stated at the time we did not attend the League Cup semi final as a group because it would have been unfair on those fans who had been attending all season.


It has never been lost on us the constraints of our current section and I'd therefore like to list why we feel that we need a move from BF1 and the Broomloan in general:



1) Noise and participation. Due to our location in the furthest corner of the stadium a lot of the noise we generate is simply lost. There is no roof over us to project the noise and at times most of the stadium can't hear what's been sung. Indeed any decent travelling support would have no problem outdoing us vocally because of their prime location. This has shown over the years in the little participation from rest of the stadium compared to the BF5 days.


2) Overcrowding. Because the Broomloan Front is mostly single-match tickets we have a huge problem with new faces every week migrating over to the section and making it extremely difficult to move and potentially a hazard. Indeed, the club have previously stated it could lead to the Ibrox safety certificate being removed.


3) Glasgow Derby. Before our relegation to the 3rd division our section was moved to the Govan West Corner to accommodate the ****s in the Broomloan. It's always something we've been bitter about and feel that your most vocal section of the stadium should not be in a position where it needs to be moved for any set of away fans. It breaks up any consistency established in the section because we're not all grouped together in that corner.



Those are the main reasons that we feel that our current position isn't in the best interest of the club, the team or the support in general.


Let me make absolutely clear that this decision is NOT to deliverately antagonise other supporters by moving them from their seats, it is simply to improve the atmoshphere at Ibrox. We have a 51'000 capacity stadium, those who want to sit and simply watch the game have absolute reign, best seats in the house and always will have. However, if you want to support in a more vocal way (which spurs the team on as many players have admitted) you are put in a small corner of the ground with little influence on the atmosphere, no matter how hard you try.


That leads me to our meeting with the club. We met with John Gilligan and David Martin and outlined the reasons above as to why the atmosphere at Ibrox won't continue to improve if the singing section is located in BF1. They understood our position, agreed that change had to happen and promised to do some work to identify an alternative.


The alternative is the Copland Rear. From a logistical and emotional point of view it is the area with the least season ticket holders outwith the Club Deck and Broomloan (due to family section). This means that if it were decided the club would move the singing section to a section in the Copland Rear, anyone who wanted to be moved could be easily accommodated in a similar or better position.


We intimated to the club that if fans had to be moved to accommodate our section that everyone in our section would pay a bit extra on our season ticket for a couple of seasons in order to give those having to be moved a discount on theirs. The club felt this was a positive idea. We also stated that anyone being moved should be allowed to pick their seats before public sale and be moved along with family or close friends they sit beside.


For us as a group we believe the Copland should be where any singing section at Rangers is located. For many years it was the focal point of noise inside the old Ibrox and indeed today still holds the mantra of "when the Copland sings, Ibrox sings".


Why the Copland Rear for us as a group? The noise would be incredible! Right under the roof with a full section of fans giving their all could be special, and it could change the tide of atmosphere at Ibrox. It would be a consistent section of season ticket holders who are there every game, not being moved for away fans and not having to deal with overcrowding issues which plague BF1.


And of course, it can also logistically be the ideal place to trial safe standing in the hopefully not to distant future.


We believe that there should exist a fair choice in football. A choice where all those who want to stand and sing can do so and be in a location which serves the purpose, whilst all those who want to sit with friends and watch the game can do so as always.


We've all seen what our support is capable of, the Ibrox roar is second to none in world football and I defy anyone who doesn't want to hear that on a regular basis.


Hopefully this clears up many of the unanswered questions for those in the Copland Rear who could be affected and everyone else with an interest. I'd urge all those returning their survey not just to say "**** off" and dismiss it, but to have a think about what we're proposing and what we can potentially achieve.


I'm grateful that the new Board have embraced our ideas and bought into them, it's something we got none of from the criminals of the past.

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I would like to see it installed personally and it may indeed bring more fans back who miss the "traditional" football - I'm not THAT old and I prefer to stand at the footy too :D


As I started going to games around 1980, being a Rangers fan, I've had the tradition of usually having a seat - I remember my first games being in the Copland Stand while the Govan was still a framework. (Shortly before then I remember a funny bit on telly when the govan was just a building site with a fence - the ball went over and a skinhead picked it up and ran away with it, Archie McPherson naively opined, "I'm sure the ball will be returned.") So I've only ever sat in the four stands of Ibrox, including the old, uncomfortable, wooden ones in the mains stand with jammed knees. People must have been smaller when they built it. I never experienced the enclosure.


The vast number of seats always made me feel Ibrox was far superior to other SPL grounds - and grounds in England and elsewhere. Pittodrie boasted it was all seated but it had a load of cheap benches, as did Wembley, so they were no contest, and also I thought it was pretty good that Ibrox allowed some people to stand - I think it was about 9000 they crammed in there.


Even at away games at Rugby Park, Tynecastle and Easter Road, I preferred to be in the stand, although as I visited Rugby Park a fair few times I also used the terraces quite a few times, due to price - for the first game there, I even arrived really early when the stadium was empty and mistakenly went in the away end and had to ask permission from the stewards to allow me to jump onto the track-side and then back over round the fence into the larger home end, when I realised that's where the bigger numbers of Rangers support were to be housed.


My worst experience of standing as a boy was a cup final trip to Hampden as I was in the front of the South enclosure which was dug down over four feet, and so my eyes were barely above pitch level. The police also were a bit harsh when they told me to get back down when I climbed up to try and see a glimpse of the team lift the League Cup in the main stand.


The best places I've been now for comfort are Wembley and Stadium MK where you get a really comfy padded seat, plenty of leg-room and a good view - however, the experience is lessened with no Rangers team to watch... although I did once see a really crap performance from Tore Andre Flo for MK Dons.

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The work required for a safe standing area with the rail seats could potentially be extensive and very expensive at Ibrox as it might require a whole section of concrete steps to be ripped out and new steps put in which have a deeper tread.


As for the UB move to CR and the club accommodating the idea, well, obviously the Club isn't looking at the prospect of a safe standing area for them at all because it would need to be built in a lower tier, not an upper tier.


It would be money well spent and appreciated by all of us who would like the option to stand at Ibrox.


I'd like to think the club would see it as a good investment in order to provide the fans with an enhanced matchday experience - which has been sadly lacking for years. The fans are the life blood of the club. I feel investment would be well served.

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The colour and noise (if that is what they are calling it!) should be in the front of the stand, not the rear. The cynic in me thinks the real reason for wanting the rear is to make it more difficult for them to be policed and stewarded. This is exactly the problems that faced the police and stewards over at the piggery when the GB had their upper tier placement.


Unless they are away in the very back corner of the CR where they can stand without impacting on the view of others who prefer to sit, I cannot see this being workable. I recall a conversation with Jim Hannah about this very thing when I was part of things trying to get a fair deal for TBO/UB and it was very difficult to find an area for them that didnt impact on the sightlines of the other supporters who preferred to sit and watch the match, hence why they were issued with BF1. I dont see why they have to move at all from BF1. The argument about it being "the furthest corner of the stadium" is just nonsense. BF1 is a prime location and is the exact same for noise and participation as BF5, CF1 & CF5.


I dont get why they think getting a rear corner is going to be better for them. I was in CR4 when they were in CR1, and I never even knew they were there as I couldnt hear anything coming from them. Perhaps they were smaller then, but not once did I hear anything from them, so the acoustics argument is nonsense., which brings me back to my cynical thoughts.


If we manage to get the buzz back with a few new signings and some good PR over the next few weeks, we will not be far away from selling out the Copland Stand with Season Tickets. It used to be a complete sellout for ST's pre-admin, so I dont see that the argument can be used that it is sparsely populated, and would continue to be going into 15-16 and beyond.

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