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Gers To Train At Spurs

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Or ambition


One can have ambition of winning the Champions League and that does not make you either small or big, as any team will have that ambition. The reality should sort that ambition out though. At least when it comes to us and a timescale.


Regarding the topic, it would be good to know when these test games will happen, I reckon over the course of the day, rather than the evening.

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Yet more short-term thinking.


I view it more as a support brace when building a house. You can't get the foundations built without them, everyone knows what they are and they serve a purpose.

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RANGERS travelled south to Tottenham Hotspur’s Enfield training ground yesterday for training sessions today as preparations for the new season heat up.


The Light Blues will play a series of training games as well as utilising some of the facilities at the London club’s state-of-the-art facility.

The match with Tottenham will be the first chance new manager Mark Warburton has to view his side in action, and he explained the format it will take.

He said: “We’ll play a coaching game where we’ll play three, 30 minute halves with three different elevens.

“It’s a magnificent facility down at Tottenham, and it’s a chance for the players to get away overnight and for us to check out our away game protocol – the pre-match meal and the timings etc. to make sure everything is right for us ahead of the new season.

“It’s a good trip for us and a good game for us.”

Rangers will play another closed-doors game next week before Burnley visit Ibrox on July 21 in the final warm-up game before the trip to Hibernian in the Petrofac Cup on July 25.

And while the tie at Easter Road is an incredibly tricky one, boss Warburton once again reiterated his desire for Rangers only to focus on and worry about themselves.

He continued: “It has to be about us. That’s no disrespect to the opposition, but it’s got to be about Rangers and us applying ourselves well and going to every game prepared, and hopefully we can get the right result from there.”



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