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Gersnet Prediction League 2015/16 (prediction league for Rangers games only!)

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Folks, apologies for my absence from the forum and for not managing to keep the GPL up to date this season.


My mum's health went downhill again 3 months ago and she had to go back into hospital for the 5th time in a year just over 8 weeks ago. That's taken her total stay in hospital this year to about 32 weeks in hospital since last August. This time she's in an infectious disease unit in Monklands hospital due to repeated recurrences of a certain infection.


This has had an impact on my dad, accelerated his own health issues and that in turn has impacted on me quite severely.


That's not the whole story though because my computer's hard disk failed about 8 weeks ago and it wasn't repairable. Thankfully I've got another PC and managed to get most of the important data copied over from the old HD, so I think I'm good to go for the moment.


Thanks to Frankie for tallying up the final scores and thanks a million to you all for your patience.

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Sympathies regarding your parents health problems and I think it goes without saying that you need not apolgise to anyone for dealing with your life rather than spending time in here. Hope things take an upward turn for you.

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