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I've met him a few times and even worked with him once. I found him to be professional, friendly and hard working. He is what he is though, a Glasgow comedian of a certain vintage, he's not everyone's cup of tea but he has his audience.


As for the boardroom stuff I know that during administration he was active behind the scenes for Paul Murray, approaching business contacts, introducing people he knew who might have the ability and inclination to help the club at that time to Murray.


Rangers is a big, big part of his life and he's never been afraid to speak about that, something that has probably been to the detriment of his career particularly in recent years.


I'd also point out that Andy Cameron is 75 years old now, he invariably holds different views on things from people half his age. He'll no doubt be irrelevant to many of our support now, but not all. We're a broad church and we should cater for that.


John has pointed out Andy's age and like many of us in the same age bracket,he will have suffered bad times and disappointments but has always remained loyal to our club. On a personal note, I find it really encouraging that in spite of being slightly older than Andy Cameron, Gersnet list me as being in their "youth team". I know that many of us found Ally's youth policy to be confusing but maybe he was influenced by this forum.

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I was referring to the Easdales, Llambias etc. from last season, he was never out the directors box at away games. No idea what he did when Whyte & Green were about. I do remember him though at the front door standing with AS when the SOS demo arrived, one of them looked at us approaching with a look of disdain and promptly run in doors the other stood and applauded.

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