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Mark Warburton press conference from today

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The guy oozes class.


I was going to post the exact same thing!


He really does ooze total class and I'm the same as Bluedell, developing serious man-love for the guy. :notworthy:

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He's a class act.


He's also intelligent, humble, astute, determined, creative, fearless and progressive.


The sheer grudging respect he gets from 'other' fans I talk to already, shows he's a winner.


Let's enjoy him whilst we can as I've no doubt he'll be in huge demand soon.

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I also love how he turns Oduwa-gate into a positive - i.e. it's good for the lad's development as he's learning how to deal with idiots in the press, and he'll be a better professional for it.


That must really piss the hacks off.

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