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Ally McCoist - Club Statement

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RANGERS is delighted to announce that Ally McCoist has agreed to the early termination of his contract with the Club.


Agreement was reached quickly during a meeting with Rangers chairman Dave King, who expressed his gratitude for the contribution Ally has made to the Club both as a player and then manager.


Ally, the Club's highest ever goalscorer, took over as manager at the beginning of what turned out to be the most traumatic period in the Club's long history. When the Club's holding company entered administration and then liquidation, Ally stepped forward and became a figurehead in the struggle to keep the Club alive.


During this period Ally worked without pay and later also took a 50% salary reduction to help keep the Club going. It was also Ally who stood up for the Club when its lengthy list of honours was under threat.


The chairman said: "Ally remains one of the most significant figures in this Club"s history. His contribution on and off the pitch should not be forgotten or devalued.


"Agreement could have been reached earlier but it has been difficult for us to get an opportunity to sit together and talk everything through. We have done that now and we are grateful for Ally"s continued consideration for the Club by accepting early termination- which he was under no obligation to do."


Ally said: "Without doubt managing Rangers was THE greatest honour in my career. It was the dream job but in a nightmare scenario.


"I am absolutely delighted the Club now has a stable Board and that the good work off the pitch is being equalled by the performances on it.


"Most of all I want to express my gratitude to Rangers fans everywhere. They were superb and they backed me and my staff. They also stood firm when their Club was in dire straits and even at the bleakest moments they did not flinch.


"They are the heart and soul of this Club and no one should ever forget that. Quite simply they are the best."



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As i suspected a hollow gesture so late in the day it is hardly making a difference now but he gets the thanks of the club and will no doubt believe everything is hunky dory again. Chapter closed and please no job for him in any capacity..

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While I would not expect the details of the deal to be publicised on the official website, it will be interesting to see what comes out from the usual sources over the next hours/days/weeks regarding all this now that it is all settled.


It will be wattie and all the ally supporters bleating about how much he had to deal with behind the scenes etc cant imagine he has anything significant to say.

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I think undoubtedly we can argue that McCoist could have forgiven some money given how well he was paid. But the fact is that he had a contract and was within his rights to continue to see it honoured in full.


I'm more interested in the negotiations with Sports Direct to be honest.

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He must have got around £500k for sitting at home on gardening leave from a job he should never have got in the first place.

Not to mention what he will have earned during the miserable three and a half years he was in the job where the football was mostly dire to watch because he wasn't up to the job.

Glad this sorry episode is now in the past & we can all move on

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