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For it is oldco but it is beautiful

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If ever I find myself doubting my convictions I stop and think 'what would Ser Barriston Selmy say on this' and as long as it's the opposite of me then I know I'm on firm ground. I don't expect you to understand, there's no room for shades of grey in the black and white world you seem to inhabit.

You still ranting against our manager buying English players or have you moved on to some new level of wrongness yet?

I never ranted about our manager buying English players. Why do you always make up nonsense? I might have been critical of English football in the past but I have always been undeniably positive about our manager, and have always trusted his judgement. I would mention some of the moronic things you say but I would be here all week.


PS - the fact you still look back at McCoist's tenure with any degree of positivity speaks volumes about your judgement.

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McCoist was either complicit in the frauds that were occurring during his management or he was just thick?


Time will tell and I'll reserve judgement until then. The expectation that McCoist should be forensic accountant has always bewildered me though, he's a fitba player. That he held the club together almost single-handedly for a time is undeniable though.

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If he gave up his wad when king took over that argument could be valid. That he turned out to be as greedy as the boards who raped us is no consolation. Also the fact that he just pissed about these last years treating it as a big joke is the reason i have zero respect. Handing big buck contracts to washed up pros, golf outings rather than serious preparation etc etc the list of unprofessionalism is endless


I certainly view his teams as without question the worst ever Rangers sides, and contenders for worst ever football teams of all time. I also agree totally about unprofessionalism. But when you compare him to the 'boards who raped us' you're on your own. That doesn't mean I was ecstatic to see the pay he was getting for doing such a lousy job, but it's an accusation which goes way too far.

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