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Who should stay or go

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Continuing from my other thread, Walter has a few months to decide the Ins and Outs of the team but mainly who he thinks wont cut it at Ibrox.


Firstly Walter has let two flops go (Letizi and JRod) although Jrod performed in occassion last season. But he was average at best (despite him getting a france call up). Its a shame Weir is 36 and Ehiogu is 34, but i think we can get 2 good years out of Ugo.


We need Gavin Rae to move on, he is well out his depth in the SPL never mind in a Rangers shirt.


Id also let Nacho Novo go. He has been a good servant and gave 200% but he cant repeat his 25 goal season from a few years back. We also have Prso playing for another year but the jury is out with Sebo as he asnt had a chance.


Id like Lee McCulloch and Scott Brown in and an experienced goal scorer.

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Guest brother426

i'd keep novo, gribz as a squad player...but for me...

Adam...cant remember the last good game he had

Sionko...as above...maybe aberdeen away..1st half

Hutton...i know he's a whipping boy for the support but i thought he was poor again today..

svennson,Sebo, Papac, G rae...all hopeless

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Seriously, I'd keep Fergie, Prso (if fit), Novo (squad player), Hendami, McGregor (squad player), Boyd (squad player), Smith (squad player) and Thompson. The rest can leave any time they want.


We urgently require a top class keeper, entire back 4, 3-4 quality midfield players and 2 strikers. The 'Dream Team' have their work cut out in the summer.


Cammy F

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Imo it's easier to say who would you keep. We need a total clearout. Unfortunately nowadays we can't afford wholesale changes, but that is what is required. The squad/team is nowhere near good enough to challenge in Europe of for the Title in Scotland.

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I'd like us to keep all the young Scottish lads eg McGregor, Hutton, Smith, Adam, Burke, Boyd etc Ok, some of them might not end up as permanent first teamers in the future, thinking Hutton and Adam in particular, but they would be good back up, can do a job when required and know what playing for Rangers is all about.


Klos it seems is on his way so another quality keeper is required to replace him. Weir is on a short 6 month deal and Ugos injury worries have surfaced in his first couple games for us...could we get another season out of both of them, i'm not 100% sure. Therefore I feel another 2 dominant centre backs required, this time in the 27-29 age bracket with us keeping Svensson as I feel he'll develop into a top class defender. I'd also be looking for a first team right back with Hutton as his back up. Feel Ian Murray could cover for Smith at left back as well as providing cover for CB and midfield. Papac can go,



Into midfield and I feel we need a ball winning, terrier type midfielder like a Gattuso. Ferguson, Thomson, Adam and Burke would stay and I would allow Rae, Hemdani, Sionko, Buffel etc to leave. Hopefully Scott Brown will sign in the summer with Gow already signed up...see him playing wide left.



Upfront and Boyd stays, Prso will be nothing more than a bit part perfromer next season and i'd allow Novo to go. Think McCulloch is viewed as the long term replacement for Prso, can play upfront or on the flanks...another Gordon Durie perhaps. Need another striker to compliment Boyd, a nippy striker ala Novo but more consistent in front of goal.





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