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MARK Warburton hopes to welcome up to five new signings by the start of next season after declaring his Rangers’ squad not in need of “major surgery”.


Including loans,11 players arrived at Ibrox this summer but now the manager has the nucleus of his squad he insists it will only need tweaking from now on.


Head of Recruitment Frank McParland will search high and low, across Scotland, England and overseas to find the next batch of Gers stars.


Warburton said: “Right now we don’t need major surgery, we have lost one game of football, are five points clear at the top of the league and the squad is sound and in good shape.


“We need one or two in January, maximum, to do that and in June we’ll see how we finish the season but maybe four or five in total, including January.

“Part of your job is to know the market, part of my strength is that I know the academy market down south because of my background and Davie at Everton knew the market very well.


“Frank’s background is extensive, he knows the first team market and has extensive European contacts as well so it is about bouncing ideas, looking at players and judging them.


“You have to look in every pond you can possibly fish in, that’s important and it’s not always about how much you spend, it’s not about having the biggest budget, it’s how you utilise it.


“We are working closely with the board and with the owner and I talk daily with Stewart and Andrew and the communication is first class.


“We keep them updated and our last meeting was on Monday morning with Frank and David too. That was going through our targets and what we think the costs will be.”


It’s not just first-team recruitment that McParland will be charged with, it will also be his job to strengthen the youth department with quality signings.


Both Warburton and the former Liverpool Chief Scout insist that Rangers has a unique selling point of offering a clear path into the elite squad from academy level.


Warburton explained: “We have to raise our quality and if you look at the bench and squad at the weekend it featured the likes of Liam Burt and Ross Lyon.


“They are young players playing in the under 17s and 20s and they’re in the Rangers first-team squad.

“If you do well and work hard then you will be in our squad and given the chance.


“Frank’s job will be to constantly add quality to the squads, the younger squads too, not just the first-team.”



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I find it pointless making these type of comparisons when both they and us are highly likely to have a significantly different look to them next season.


Whilst they are likely to spend I think so too are we. King and the 3 Bears will find cash to invest in the playing squad upon our return to the top tier as has already been said.


Too many changes to come in order to even compare - though I do see the fun in doing so..... Would we have even wanted to compare this time last year.... :(

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Let's wait and see tannoch as I've said many times it's just the beginning. The men the magic hat has brought on board have worked with him before I'm are we'll reap the benefit's and by the time we take our place in the spl I reckon they'll be at least four new players in our starting eleven...


Celtic will strengthen when we go up, too. And they will bid for any player they are convinced we are in for. I suspect they'll have a new manager before then too or, if not, they will get one for or arrival.

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Will they sign more to be dumped out of sight just for the sake of it where is Scott Allen?????

Why not draw up a list of names let them sign them after the names are leaked and then call "April fool" although it is the wrong time of year.


That thought did occur to me!

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This is a rebuilding process by Mark and his people after inheriting the worst footballing set up there's ever been at Rangers, there is obviously still work to be done because there's no way you'd have a finished article in this short space of time.


I trust the people we have that will be making these decisions so let's continue the progress of this season then deal with next summer.

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