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Transfer Deadline Day: Michael O'Halloran signs until 2020

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Richard Wilson reckons King is a replacement for Oduwa. Seen in that perspective it looks a good deal. Might even be paying him the same wages


The same wages King got at Hearts or that Oduwa gets at Spurs? I hope its the former.

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Hearts stupidity is no way to judge him. I've watched him and heats don't have a player even close to as good.


He will do well in the spl.


So why is he not starting every game for hertz?

Why are they loaning him to us if he's s good as you say he is?

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From the minute the new board came in they have strived to get us back up and running,and unless anyone can prove different they are doing an excellent job,since the new board appointed the new management team they have strived to get us back up and running and unless anyone can prove different they are doing an excellent job.

I am excited about the progress we are making,rapid!,I look forward to every game ans I am looking forward to next season back in the top league,I obviously don't know what I sm talking about when I read some posts on here!.

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Was meaning hope the club hasnt fucked up! I never fuck up! lol


I have no problem with being a realist i also try not to set my opinion on hopes or make believe. There is nothing to suggest we will spend more or be anymore successful in augusts window than we have been so far


Developing a direct rivals youth will never sit with me as a good move neither will failing to build


Again fiscal prudence would demand we make sure promotion is as close to definite as possible without spending more than we will recoup. We have not done that we have just been cheap.



It is obviously harder to attract players of higher calibre to lower leagues but not impossible. I fail to see how we cannot find a purchase within our budget who is better than forrester or a 6 month loan of a hearts youth player. Are you seriously saying we cannot attract a player in a better deal than the six month loan of a hearts player gives?


Every player gets the chance to prove himself, have yet to hear a player being booed as he walks onto the park for the first time. The stadium at game time is the time I show support not online discussing the appropriateness of signings or targets


This is condemnation of the standard of player MW thinks appropriate for rangers and the clubs failure to properly value targets with gives us an actual chance of signing them


again you mention our financial position. Can you share it? would love to know our transfer budget? Why if we cant afford talent better than that brought in did we refuse £500k from fans? We could afford better but failed. It is that simple. We are gambling on promotion without stacking the deck in our favour as far as we could with financial prudence still being met. We valued players ridiculously low, so low in fact we had zero chance of securing their services. That is not sensible or looking for value that is just getting it wrong. Plain and simple. Whoever evaluated the players expected cost was not working within the realms of reality


Only you're not being a realist mate.



Here's the reality we've just came through all the divisions up to the Championship in which we came third last year. We couldn't win a second play off tie against Motherwell home or away. During this time mostly all of our quality SPL players left the club when we started from the bottom. Any youth player who showed promise was sold off for relatively low transfer fees which a corrupt board filtered off to its place men.



It was only last year that the current board managed to gain control of the club and the direction it was moving in. Since then a number of things have happened. A whole new infrastructure has been put in place for future use. A new manager has been appointed and has implemented a three year plan to see the team playing in the SPL challenging for titles and European places etc etc etc.



However lets not pretend we are realists without acknowledging that we are playing in the Scottish second division right at this moment in time. Our only ambition right now is to win every tournament/competition we are involved in as such that is the Championship title, the Petrofac Cup and the Scottish Cup starting with Kilmarnock.



Talk of anything else is just wind n pish!

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If signing Billy King on loan wasn't a good idea (from Mark Warburton's perspective/POV), then it wouldn't have happened. It's that simple and since I trust Mark Warburton, then all I have to say is welcome to Rangers Billy! :tu:

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