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Jim Forrest or Ally McCoist?

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Great memory of a joke about Docherty it was the year that he compared Carthorse Forsyth to thoroughbred Channon,never forget Tam's tackle.

Was in old Rangers Club and Andy Cameron was on,he started a sing-song of Scottish tunes then said he had an anouncement that Scotland were appointing a new coach in Docherty they were taking his teeth out and putting in seats,only Andy could get away with that one.


I don't think Channon was the "thouroughbred" Mac. If I remember correctly Docherty was talking about Martin Buchan who'd been left out the team . Big Tam made one of the best tackles I've ever seen during that match.

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If he was sitting in the hall getting waitresses to serve him then I would not have seen what he was drinking but he used to stand at the bar in the corner regularly when alone and drank a half-pint of lager and a vodka and orange. I worked there for about 6-8 months probably around 1975. I had to stop because my wife got jealous of all the attention i was getting from other females. It was great being a barman there.:D


I was just talking to her and my wife reckons she worked there 76/77 pete.

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Too young to remember Forrest properly. Who knows what might have achieved had he not been treated so poorly. But Ally did it over a sustained period so, given what was achieved rather than 'what might have beens', it has to be Ally. I knew Forrest's story, obviously, but reading the article really made me feel for the poor bloke. Be nice to see him getting a bit of a fuss at home games once in a while.

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In his first three seasons JF got 132 goals.


In his first three seasons Super got 65.


Super's three best seasons' total is130.


JF was the better striking centre forward but I'll happily concede that Ally did more work round the park.

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I was fortunate to see Jim Forrest in his prime and seem to remember him scoring 5 or 6 in a 7-0 at Hamilton one day.


I don't think there was much to chose between them as strikers but Ally has to get it for longevity and his all time record.


On the subject of DJ and his fondness for a refreshment. In the summer of 1978 I stayed in the same Benidorm hotel as DJ and a certain Roy Aitken. It would be no exaggeration to say that DJ was on the vodka lemons from breakfast till the early hours, to the extent that he couldn't score a goal past me at the pool side. At that point I had served three seasons as a Linseman and was hopeful of promotion to referee the Reserves. I told DJ that if he carried on the way he was doing, I would go up and he would go down. So it came to pass I got my promotion and refereed a game where he and Gregor Stevens formed the Rangers Reserves central defence.


There was at least one night when he was out indulging his fancy and his then wife locked him out the room.


I recall one night in the Scotsman Bar, Derek, with a row of vodka lemons lined up in formation in front of him, borrowed my pen to write an autograph "To the greatest Partick Thistle supporter in the world" which the astonished and equally inebriated recipient said he would display in a certain bar on the Maryhill Road.


I never saw Roy Aitken take anything stronger than an ice cream.

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A quick goal-per-game calculation has McCoist on 0.6, Forrest on 0.7, therefore Forrest's record is better. But, surely longevity must count? I couldn't possibly comment on 'quality' of striker as I missed both (or the majority of McCoist's).


Interestingly, Boyd comes out at 0.7 also (if the 2nd stint is excluded)...


Just saying.

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The top ten strike rates (minimum 100 goals)


Jimmy Smith: 0.92

Jim Forrest: 0.89

Willie Reid: 0.86

R. C. Hamilton: 1.18

Jimmy Fleming: 1.22

Max Murray: 1.27

George Henderson: 1.38

Billy Simpson: 1.44

Ralph Brand: 1.53

Kris Boyd: 1.60


Bob McPhail's next, then Ally.

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