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Rangers First board candidates

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You'd almost think that this was being put about by people against the new group. Luckily I can confirm that the figures are wrong. What amuses me though is when RF was being set up we were told that it was so much more flexible than just buying shares.


Why does it amuse you , and yes it is more flexible than just buying shares , but then you already knew that didn't you

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No other candidate declared a web forum presence (though there is at least one apart from me on RM)


Thats not true - I marked that I was either "The Louden Tavern" or "WATP_Greg" on Rangers forums - I assume as they are the same as my twitter names they were left off the list.


Misinformation doesn't help anyone here

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Thats not true - I marked that I was either "The Louden Tavern" or "WATP_Greg" on Rangers forums - I assume as they are the same as my twitter names they were left off the list.


Misinformation doesn't help anyone here


To be honest, I'm not even sure why BH raised it - someone's web presence is completely irrelevant to their standing for the election.


To be honest, the way BH has run his own campaign has been very "American" in my view. The whole discrediting of others, talking up your own achievements (sometimes beyond what they actually were), putting out mis-information, making underhanded comments, casting aspertions towards others whilst doing the exact same thing himself....


To be quite frank, it leaves an unsavoury taste in my mouth - and whilst I have defended BH plenty of times previously his actions during this campaign, along with the fact that he clearly a polarizing individual amongst the fanbase, or at least the online fanbase, has me believing that he would NOT be a suitable candidate for any fan group, especially in a time where there is an exploration of unity (although I will caveat that statement by saying it seems a number of RF candidates don't wish a merger - though it could be contended that you don't need a merger for unity anyway - just a different vehicle for a different objective).


I am not one for casting stones at anyone but it really does seem like BH is as polarizing as Mark Dingwall, and that is going some distance as Mark probably couldn't create as big a split in the support if he tried (not saying anything against Mark as I don't know him from Adam). In the interests of unity folks like Mark and BH should, in my humble opinion, step aside for the greater good.

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I don't know who changed the heading but the email that was sent out from RM had "The Louden Votes on RF" which is different from telling people how they should vote - I also question who chose to change it and for what purpose.


RF members now being given advice from a pub on how to vote!


Advice from the Louden Tavern on the Rangers First vote

Vote for those who you think will put Rangers First



Rangers First Elections


Rangers First elections are live today, anyone who can vote should vote and put The Rangers first.


Everyone will have their own opinions on who should be voted on, for what it is worth here are mine.


In no particular order,


James Blair

James is company secretary of Rangers and is also secretary of Rangers First, he has been involved from the first meeting and been one of the reasons RF prospered, He is an outstanding Solicitor and a very decent human being, he like all the rest has never received a penny for the work he has undertook.


Greg Marshall ( for those that don't know Greg is my son )

Greg has been with RF from the beginning and was instrumental in spreading the word through social media, he spent most of his time promoting RF through the various different outlets. Greg, if elected will always be available at The Louden on matchdays to address any issues that the members want clarified. He is an 1872 life member of RF and has been a season ticket holder since he was six. He also has a Honours degree in accounts from Glasgow University


Richard Gough

Our iconic 9 in a row captain ,Hall of Fame member and 1872 life member of RF, Despite stories elsewhere it was myself that asked Richard and he accepted without hesitation. Rangers worldwide Ambassador and would be a fantastic addition to the RF board, There is nothing else I need to say about Richard.


Ricki Neil

Since Ricki joined RF about 18 months ago he has worked his socks off and has grew into his role as RF spokesman in the last year and deserves to be re- elected.


Iain Martin

Iain is another one who has been involved in RF from the beginning and done a tremendous amount of work getting the working groups up and running.


Stuart MacQuarrie

He is a fine upstanding member of the community, the club chaplain and a former councillor so could bring a lot of skills to RF.


For the final position I am struggling to choose as there are so many good choices. Lads like Peter Ewart and Derek Miller who have put so much work into Rangers First. Guys like Graeme Henderson who has bought large numbers of shares to try and help the club move forward.


Vote for whoever you think will put Rangers First – RF is there to help Rangers and The Rangers Community and that is what the future board must do!




Robert Marshall

Founding Member of Rangers First


The Louden Tavern: RF Life member #0001

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