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Rangers First board candidates

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Well this will calm the thread down. It was posted half an hour ago on FF by Grandmaster Suck:


The former directors of Rangers First who have been engaging in a cowardly campaign against Rangers FC secretary are strangely quiet when challenged about this, the second loan offered to and rejected by Rangers FC.


The second loan was for money Rangers First did not have.


It was cooked up by a couple of the directors and kept secret from James Blair until it was presented to Rangers.


The source of the £3m remains secret. The club and James Blair were never told.


Penalty clauses were included in the loan proposal, interest was payable and it was to be secured on assets.


Unsurprisingly, the club dismissed it out of hand.


The group of directors under the spell of Ronnie Johnston and Graham Campbell (who have registered the company called Rangers Independent Fans Consortium) concocted this lunatic proposal. They have never shared the existence of it with their members.

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I can't be the only person bored of all this he said-she said crap.


I discussed maturity and humility in my recent articles on the subject. Such traits seem to be sadly lacking throughout.

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