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Craig Whyte living in a swanky £5m London apartment as taxpayers foot legal bill.

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Former Rangers owner Craig Whyte living in a swanky £5m London apartment as taxpayers foot bill over alleged fraud


15:15, 14 Feb 2016

Updated 15:18, 14 Feb 2016

By Dailyrecord.co.uk


WHYTE and girlfriend Charlotte Foley having been living anonymously in one of Britain’s priciest postcodes in Belgravia.


HE FAMOUSLY bought Rangers for just £1 - now Craig Whyte has been pictured looking like that’s about all he owns in the world.


Despite living in one of the most exclusive postcode areas of London, the bankrupt businessman was spotted out and about last week looking a bit, well trampy.


Struggling along the road on Wednesday, with plastic bags stuffed full of shopping, Whyte cut a sad and lonely figure compared his usual dapper self.


Sporting a straggly beard and designer stubble, with his greying hair scraped over to one side, he made a trip to a local upmarket supermarket Waitrose to do his shopping.


No one paid a second glance at the man wearing an open-necked shirt, blue loafers and navy blue overcoat as he negotiated the short distance between the shop and a luxury penthouse he disappeared inside.


He had earlier browsed the luxury store, meandering around the aisles while picking up his groceries.


Motherwell-born Whyte has been lying low after being charged by authorities in Scotland in connection with his ill-fated business dealings with Rangers.


His defence against the charges that he and two others fraudulently obtained over £28 million to fund his Ibrox takeover, is being paid for by the Scottish Legal Aid Board.

But they could withdraw funding after it was revealed Whyte is living it up in a swanky multi-million pound Belgravia townhouse.


He has given the court officials a bail address in Lancashire - understood to be owned by the family of his current girlfriend.


Whyte is believed to have been staying with partner Charlotte Foley, 31, who is thought to have been dating him since 2013.


Charlotte has been seen at Whyte’s side constantly as he has made recent court appearances, and she is often pictured wearing glamorous outfits while supporting her man in public.


The pair have been living anonymously in the area, and can include the likes of Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, and the Duchess of York as neighbours.


Similar properties in the UK capital sell for more than £5 million, with rental prices around a whopping £5,000 to £6,000-a-month.


And Grosvenor Square - just round the corner from Whyte’s flat - was recently dubbed the most expensive street in the UK, where homes cost an average of £16.9 million.


Whyte was declared bankrupt at the High Court in London in October last year with debts of almost £21 million.


Last week prosecutors dropped six of 15 charges in the fraud case surrounding Rangers.


The Crown withdrew claims that joint administrators, David Whitehouse and Paul Clark, tried to pervert the course of justice.


They also axed a charge that the pair, along with Whyte, Gary Withey and David Grier agreed to actions they may have known would enable serious organised crime.


A further allegation that Whyte, former Rangers chief executive Charles Green, 62, Whitehouse and Clark conspired in 2012 to buy the club for well below its market value, was also dropped.


Whitehouse, 50, and Clark, 51, were also removed from an amended charge, which now alleges Whyte, Withey and Grier, conspired ion 2010 to obtain a controlling stake in the Ibrox club.


All six men face further charges in relation to the case.


A spokesman for the Scottish Legal Aid Board said: “We will consider any new information about an individual’s financial circumstances provided to us after legal aid has been granted.


“We also carry out checks on whether there have been material changes in someone’s financial circumstances.


“Legal aid can be, and has been, withdrawn in cases where we find or receive information that shows someone’s financial circumstances mean they are not eligible for legal assistance.


“In assessing eligibility we consider the income and capital of the applicant.


“If an applicant has no income they must provide an explanation about how they are supported.


“If supported by family or friends they must advise us of this.”


Whyte is no stranger to luxury properties.


He and then-wife, Kim, snapped up historic Castle Grant in the Highlands in 2006.


The A-listed 16th century country pile, near Grantown-on-Spey, was reposessed after he failed to keep up mortgage payments, and it was later sold to Russian tycoon Sergey Fedotov for £1 million.


And it is well known that he has also enjoyed living in Monaco, the millionaires playground on the French Riviera.


Read more at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/former-rangers-owner-craig-whyte-7367785#AP8FE26bHi2C3rCq.99


Just to cheer you up after yesterday.

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thing is....see if he's ripped off a bank or something and not us.....I'd be yeah one up for the scoundrels. But since it's us.......this guy will forever be a pariah like Ashley

It's probably his burd's place or rented by her family

How does he do it ?.....it's not like he looks like George Clooney or anything

where did I go wrong !

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The same way as someone paid his mortgage ? :whistling:


nobody paid his mortgage which is why Bank of Scotland foreclosed. The real question is why the Bank of Scotland gave him a 110% mortgage on the stately pile. Couldn't have anything to do with him buying Rangers with no visible means of support could it !

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