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Dundee star Gary Harkins: "Rangers are just a new club...I've not played them before"

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True...but a complaint to the SFA & A rap on the knuckles for Harkins would certainly help prevent the comments in the future. It would also provide further endorsement from the governing body about the clubs history/stature.


If there had been a whole range of such comments then, yes, I would expect the club to make a complaint but this seems to be pretty much a one-off so we're better just laughing at the moon-howler.

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Mischievous midfielder Harkins couldn’t resist lobbing in a grenade to wind up Gers who vigorously maintain they are the same club following liquidation in 2012.


Not like the DR to distort facts in an article aimed to lit another fire after the artificial pitch stuff has run its course.


As for Harkins, he can believe whatever he wants. Yet, as a public person he has to be responsible with what he says, when and where. At 31 you would assume that he has enough sense to stop babbling such garbage ahead of a game that sees 45k people watching your every step soon. And your welcome will be a bit more special and we'll see how well he can handle it. IF they actually manage to beat Dumbarton.


One day in the (hopefuly) not too distant future, we'll see title 55 in the trophy room at Ibrox. But not even that will shut the sad and retarded up.

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Morons will always be morons but remember the media will always print crap like this to sell papers.The SPFL have a compliance Officer so surely he is failing in his duty if he does not see fit to take action.

Also our Auntie friends seem to be happy reporting on arrests made for freedom of speech being targeted by our thin blue? line.

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"Dundee midfielder Gary Harkins has insisted he was only joking when he called Rangers “just a new club.”"





Dundee’s Gary Harkins insists Rangers “new club” claim was “just a wee joke”


Dundee midfielder Gary Harkins has insisted he was only joking when he called Rangers “just a new club.”


Harkins and his teammates face Dumbarton at Dens Park tomorrow in a William Hill Scottish Cup replay, with the prize for the winners being a trip to Ibrox to take on the Light Blues in the quarter-finals.


Dipping his toe into extremely dangerous waters, the Dark Blues player claimed after his side’s 0-0 draw in the league at Kilmarnock on Saturday that it would be a novelty to be going to play the Glasgow giants.


Harkins said: “They’re just a new club.


“I’ve not played them before, so I’m looking forward to that.


“It should be good.


“It will be a tough game against Dumbarton, they made it hard for us down there and it wasn’t the best of days, but there is a chance to go to Ibrox for a quarter-final so we will be right up for it.”


However, Harkins has subsequently claimed, in a message on his Twitter account, that he was just having a laugh.


He posted that it was: “Just a wee joke took too far.”

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