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Plg, Plg, Plg....

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Actually scratch that, that's the usual reason a team is missing, but I do remember that the last few teams have been missing a few weeks ago.


I think that is an error on their pages, they've been dicking around with them and there are usually only two pages to display all of the teams. However they've increased the vertical spacing and so a few teams no longer fit on two pages. So I think the pages may be there but the system doesn't seem to know that there are now 3 pages and so won't navigate to the last page.

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Great to see him in the Rangers gear but i was even happier to read the players were doing double shifts on the training field from tuesday until saturday with the exeption of thursday. That will get the lazy barstewards off their asses.:D

Golf deed eneeone mentioon golf. It ees dee forieegn legeion vur you mee boy.:D

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Guest HazukiSan


PLG saying Clement is too expensive. �£1m? Come on..


Good, for a few years under Advocaat we were a laughing stock in the transfer market because we always paid more than players were interested. Glad PLG is putting his foot down.

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was brill seeing our new gaffer.


he looks a smart bloke and obviously had to be to get that job.


he`ll have both good and bad, but i`m going to back him all the way.


he needs time and i`m quite suprised he`s landed himself with the pressure of admitting he wants toi win the league in his first season.


yes, it`s realistic and it puts the pressure on septic too, but i thought he`d have come out and said he will build slowly and try his best.


he`s gonna be a big hit.


see when he came out to meet the supporters at the front of ibrox,he looked a bit stunned to be getting such a rousing reception.


welcome paul:D

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