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RFCPOTY16 | Lee Wallace

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LEE WALLACE was left lost for words after claiming the prestigious John Greig achievement award at this evening’s Rangers’ Player of the Year award.


The Ibrox Captain was visibly emotional on stage after collecting the prize from ‘Gers Icon Greig, and revealed how thrilled he is to see the Greatest Ever Ranger back in and around the club.


Speaking to RangersTV.tv, he explained: “I would genuinely never have expected this. It was disappointing to lose John’s services and just having him in and around the club four and a half years ago.


“We are so inspired by him though and having him back in the hall with us tonight and on matchdays.


“But to win this honour, I am lost for words. He’s a club legend, and the way he conducts himself is so impressive. He’s so humble, and just the way that he is – every Ranger will understand what I mean by that.


“It is a huge honour and we are very privileged to have him with the club.


“You always look to these guys as inspiration, and I’ve been fortunate myself to play with some really top captains, and there have been other captains through the history of this club who have brought huge success to the club.


I want to try and have my own way, but you have to look at these guys and what they have achieved, and if I can achieve even an eighth or a sixteenth of what they brought as a captain, then we are going the right way.”


Wallace also believes he has embraced the captaincy well, and his style compliments the ways of Mark Warburton and David Weir.


He continued: “After the manager had told me that was going to be the case, he told me he wanted me to go and relish the responsibility.


“It’s a phrase I’ve used a lot, and I think I’ve done that. My character was never going to change, and I was never going to become someone different.


“I’d like to think the way in which the Manager and Davie coach, and the way I captain the team is quite similar, and that’s quite measured and I look at things and try and analyse things as opposed to the old-school ranting and raving.


“It’s a role I’ve obviously enjoyed, and one that I still have a long way to go in terms of learning.”


Wallace also paid tribute to his teammates, saying: “The boys have been truly outstanding, and the manager and Davie and all the staff need to take an enormous amount of credit for what they’ve been able to achieve in such a short space of time.


“I think I’ve said on a number of occasions that bringing in the number of bodies that we did, and implementing a style of play much quicker than what would have been expected has been superb.


“We’ve all enjoyed it first and foremost, and we have been dominant in that style which has been pleasing and of course I’ve enjoyed being a part of this magnificent squad this season.”



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@RangersFC Players' Player of the Year for season 2015/16 is striker @MWaghorn33 #RFCPOTY16


@MWaghorn33 "I'm speechless to be honest. To be recognised by the squad like this is breathtaking and I'm delighted." #RFCPOTY16

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Winner of Player of the Year 2015/16 is @RangersFC captain Lee Wallace #RFCPOTY16


Lee Wallace: "I'm over the moon to win this award, but there could have been any number of players up here winning this award." #RFCPOTY16

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Congratulations to Lee Wallace, but if we're talking about the all-round game of our two main full/wing backs, then over the whole season I think Tav's been better than Wallace by quite a margin.

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You couldn't really pick a winner this season, so it had to be Captain Fantastic considering all the stuff that's been going on during most of his time with us up until DK, T3B, MW & SDoW rescued the club.


I was very critical of Wallace before, during and after the meltdown, I thought his final ball was chronic most of the time.


This season has seen an incredible improvement in the player...he's been absolutely magnificent for us and has been a great footballer and leader for the side.


Well deserved imo. Thank you Lee!


Next job: Lifting The Cup.

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