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St Mirren 2 - 2 Rangers (Miller 54; Holt 88)

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We've been dismal since the Celtic game. The league is over, the players are tired, we have a vital cup final to prepare for and it's time to be giving youngsters a try. Given the league is over, the result shouldn't be of great significance.


You can't just switch form on and off like a tap; if winning is a habit, so too is losing and we've played a strong team to try to get a victory so we don't get ring rusty.

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BT sport extra1.


Good interview with him but would not commit to say he would definitely be at Ibrox next season. Came away with some crap about knowing your market and talking about banks. He did say he was still fully focused on Rangers though.


Sorry - who are you taking about here? Who was interviewed?

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I thought we were OK today: technically we did well, with good ball movement etc. It's the attitude and lethargy at the moment that is letting us down. Concentration (from Wes in particular)is also poor. The stats suggest we created a good few chances, and the majority were on target -- not bad at all.


Waghorn was really beneficial to our game: his movement and directness are effective, always giving us an option up front. His first touch is still lacking but he really does improve the team.


I wonder if the poor attitude is a symptom of assembling a squad comprising too many mid-table players? Perhaps not used to having to win every game?

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To be fair I felt we were a lot better second half, however it's the same problem at the back and conceding late in the game. We will have time to recover before final and the Junkies start their play off v Raith on Wednesday. Need to see how that affects them?? We will need another much improved performance similar to one v unwashed as their second class cousins will be well up for it.

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