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Rangers - First world champions?

Guest grovecot

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Guest grovecot

Someone sent me a link to http://www.planetworldcup.com/GUESTS/andre20050213.html earlier.


I've never heard of this before and was wondering if anyone else knew about it.


If you don't want to click the link the gist of it is as follows:


Tournoi International de Amsterdam, 1902 - forerunner of FIFA World Cup.


In 1902 Carl Hirschmann, a Dutch banker and financier, first conceived the idea of World Championship and wrote a letter to the President of English FA, outlining his vision of this tournament. As it turned out, it took almost a year for him to reply, and the answer was negative. However, Carl Hirschmann was not to be discouraged, and decided in the meantime, well aware about British attitude and in order to promote and support his idea, to hold a one-off unofficial demonstration tournament.


So, the tournament was proposed for the second half of October 1902 in Amsterdam, but in order to simplify the procedure and ensure the maximal number of participants, it was decided that instead of proper national teams, countries will be represented by their club champions.


six teams finally entered the tournament. In the first round, French champions Racing Club de Roubaix cruised past FC Zurich (Switzerland), and the Dutch champions H.V.V. beat their Belgian counterparts Racing Club Brussels. But in the semifinals, both teams were routed by Denmark and Glasgow Rangers FC respectively. In match for the third place H.V.V. vs Racing Club de Roubaix, the Dutch team easily dealt with the French, and the consolation match FC Zurich vs Racing Club Brussels was won by the champions of Belgium. In the final match, Glasgow Rangers simply demolished Danish team thus confirming the overwhelming British football superiority. Overall, the tournament was a huge success which only convinced its organizer Carl Hirschmann not to give up and further promote with confidence his idea of World Championship.

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