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Rangers Sign Niko Kranjcar

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Niko Kranjcar will be a star at Rangers, says former teammate Adam Moffat


06:00, 26 Jun 2016

By Gordon Waddell


THE former Ross County player played with Kranjcar at New York Cosmos and insists he still has enough in the tank.


Adam Moffat has played with and against some of the greats in the game over a 
decade in the USA.


But while most of them have been past their peak, Moffat has no doubts Niko Kranjcar has plenty left in the tank to show Scottish football.


The exiled Scot has spent the past six months sharing a locker room with Rangers’ new playmaker, the iconic New York Cosmos badge bringing the former Scotland youth cap and Ross County player together with the
 Croatian legend in the unlikeliest of midfield pairings.


He’s already had Spanish icon Raul there, and having played against the likes of David Beckham and Thierry Henry in his seven-franchise States journey, Moffat’s become a decent judge of players and how far they are down the road to retirement.


He looks at Kranjcar, though, and still sees a vitality and dynamism that he believes proves he’s ready to make an impact.


In a revealing insight into the 31-year-old, Moffat said: “He’s still everything you remember him being, if you ever watched him when he was at Spurs, Portsmouth, that era.


“He’s a guy who can do so much with the ball at his feet. He’ll go at players, commit them and still has great vision with his passing.


“He’s just a very technical player. If you make a run, he’s one of these guys who’ll find you, irrespective of what the opposition is doing.


“He creates opportunities for those around him. And the shape he’s in goes with that talent – he has definitely still a couple of really good years left in him.


“I’ve played with and against some great players over here and he’s very gifted, one of the best I’ve seen.


“You can see why he’s had such a 
successful career.”


Kranjcar arrived in the Big Apple in January and trained with the squad before their foreign-player rule eventually allowed him to suit-up in March.


And Moffat said: “He came in and contributed really well.


“He’s been great in the locker room even before he was playing though.


“For a guy who’s had a career like his, it’s always interesting to see how they’ll be, especially coming in to a level which is below what he’s maybe used to.


“The NASL is a lot lower than the other leagues he’s played in but he was terrific.


“All the guys loved having him there. He was great with the young guys, he spent time passing on his experiences, he talked to everyone.


“He was a humble guy, grounded, enjoyed his time with the boys and wasn’t one to keep to himself at all. He was just a really good team-mate and that’s good to see for a guy who’s been at the top, that they’re not affected.”


Linwood–born Moffat is in the 
middle of his ninth season in American soccer after leaving homeland behind in 2007.


A former Scotland Under-19 
international and a young player of the year at Ross County, he made his move after a season of near-despair at Elgin City.


However he’s never taken his finger of the pulse back home and in an accent that still battles it’s way through the trans-Atlantic, he said: “I still keep a strong eye on Scottish football and I’ve no doubts at all Niko will still make 
a serious 


“He has good match fitness when he was here, although he got a little niggle at the end of the 
season that I know annoyed him, nothing major – but it was good for him to show that he can still do it.


“I think he’ll make a big difference with his quality.


“It’s a good move for Rangers. They’re clearly showing they want to make this a year when they don’t just sit back, they seem to be going for it.


“It’ll be a good year for the league.


“It hasn’t had such exposure these past few years and watching from over here, the perception of Scottish football has changed in the meantime.


“But I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes now the big two are back in the top division and Aberdeen and Hearts could challenge as well.


“I grew up with Rangers as my team when I was young. Although, I played for St Mirren and Ross County, I still look out for how they’re doing.


“And I like to see the Scottish game being well-respected elsewhere in the world.”


Read more at http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/niko-kranjcar-star-rangers-says-8283130#YMqcvAopj7cF64lA.99

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As to our final position next season, I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Regarding King - I believe what he said about the ownership being safe. But we've yet to see the colour of his money. So thanks, but I'll stand by what I said about piles of cash being thrown at the club.

They have put in tens of millions.

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