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Dave King Response #9

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RANGERS Chairman Dave King recently invited supporters to send in questions and below you can read the ninth part in series as he addresses the topics raised by fans:



Until now I have delayed dealing with the large number of questions that have been asked about team selection and individual player recommendations. It is not surprising that so many of the questions put to me contain individual thoughts on favourite players and targets for the team and which areas are believed to require strengthening ahead of the coming season.


I say this because I also have my individual thoughts and have done so for more than 50 years. We are all no different from sports supporters all over the world. The present difference for me and my fellow Board members is that we are now part of the governance and policy setting body of the Club and have therefore lost our right as fans to offer personal insights and comment. Certainly, for my own part, the Club would have won a lot less titles if I was its manager responsible for player acquisition and team selection.


What is also unsurprising to me is the number of differing opinions on the right balance for the team going forward. Supporters agree that we are all enjoying the style of football that was played last season but where we differ is that many believe we should be more attack minded this season while others urge a more cautious approach with an increased emphasis on defence. I am not short on recommendations for the manager on all aspects of his job and should have expected nothing less when I engaged with our supporters on this Q&A basis.


For the reasons indicated above, I cannot deal with the specifics of many questions put to me but I can respond in general terms that hopefully will still prove to be useful.


The board agreed on the appointment last year of a relatively young (in managerial terms) management team that we felt could bring a fresh perspective and footballing philosophy to the Club. We wanted to use the additional unwanted year in the Championship to instill this new philosophy throughout the Club while using our superior financial resources to simultaneously win the Championship. This is what we termed as our non-negotiable for last season and is exactly what Mark and his team delivered to the Club.


This season we must kick on to a higher competitive level and the Board continues to place its trust solely in Mark and his team’s judgment as to what players he requires and in what positions. We only engage with targets that have been previously identified by football management. We will also do the same as we did last year and retain options for the January transfer window, by which time we will have a far better sense of how the season is progressing. Unlike at the beginning of last season, Mark and his team have had a longer time to plan for the strengthening of the squad this season and that bodes well – albeit we recognize that the competition will be much fiercer in the year ahead.


Put simply, player identification and targeting is the sole domain of football management. Executive management only get involved subsequently in the negotiation of commercial terms with targeted players but not all of the players targeted are signed. We are never the only Club interested in a player.



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Bizarre response, not sure I understand why he even bothered? Always going to be the remit of the Manager and not the Board.


Apparently not always the case at every club. Newcastle for one and Deila allegedly had players heaped on him he didn't want.

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I actually like this response. I like that he said as board members they now have no right to the football fan opinion. I like that they are trying to direct Warburton, but are solely going after the players he and his team are targeting.

I'm not sure what else he could have said?

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While I like the reasoning behind this Q&A, has he actually said ANYTHING of any value in 9 releases? I'm struggling to recall anything of any note. The scouting one was interesting but nothing new to those who have been paying attention.


Release #10 certainly ticked the right boxes for me - informative & reassuringly thorough.





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