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Club 1872 - Board election timetable and info

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as far as i'm aware the petition was published to highlight that there was no formal complaints procedure for RF and also due to requests falling on deaf ears, Raised by a young man who cared about the organisation he supported and was unwilling to be "pushed" in a direction he didn't want it to go, fair play to him.


I don't believe Club1872 have a formal complaints procedure either and i doubt we'll see the board implement one as a priority,.


It seems the default response is...oh but look you only got 68 signatures... what an absolute shame.


I simply cannot see success under the new board structure which will likely be


Craig Houston

Steve Sinclair


James Blair

Laura Akers

Joanne Percival

Alex Wilson


A mix of RST and friends of the board and then D'art who is well respected and i love his written work, i fear he'd be the silent minority.


"It's a democracy, get over it", "one member one vote"


There was a complaints procedure bud - a member of this forum in fact claimed that I had no right to stand for the board and put a complaint in!


The petition was designed to stop/delay the vote on whether to proceed with the club 1872 proposal - whether you agree with JMcG's reasoning or not I think thats a fair assessmen. Personally I found it rather frustrating at the time as there was (and still is) a large amount of misinformation regarding the proposal.


I really don't know who will get on the board - There has been a lot of noise around various candidates and it'll be interesting to see the rest of the hustings.

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FWIW, I believe Scott has pulled out of this after being made aware of the club's issues with BBC Scotland.


He has only just found out the Club's issues with BBC Scotland ?


Has he been living on Mars ?


I am astounded. Sorry, but this tells me the guys is completely out of touch - and would probably instantly have me not voting for him.

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Is there any plans to show the candidates making their pitches , the Q&A was very good but I would have thought the presentations were more pertinent


If you click on the candidates names list on the Club 1872 website the videos of the personal presentations are there

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