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Celtic Park 'taunts/celebrates' Ibrox Disaster

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I was watching the whole stadium doing this yesterday. All of them, from the main stand all the way round the stadium to where we were sat. That includes all of them, no excuses from politicians etc who were there. They were doing it along with the rest. Mocking and revealing in those horrific events!.

There was so much went on from them yesterday. It was an IRAoeke and a Protestant hate fest. The mocking of the dead is just one of a number of sickening acts that went in from them.

As I have said, this has lost control now, the powers that be either wanted this to happen or just turned a blind eye.

Banners such as "know your place Hun scum" "This is War" and effigies of executed Rangers fans, all done without restraint from the club and authorities are the final straw. The one that broke the camels back.

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