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Rangers 0 v Ross County 0 Post match Discussion

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In a strange way the Barton issue could help the playing side. He was almost starting to look un droppable but now he will have to perform if he is to continue. With the squad almost fully fit it should be a team on merit from now on and last week MW got it wrong for the first time with playing both Barton and Kranjcar plus two out and out centre forwards - its learning curve for him and time to get back to how we play best using the neat players like Forrester, Waghorn and now Windass.


The players could be reminded not to put much significance on last weeks result at the moment, if we lost the next OF derby by the same then it would show a gap. But better Rangers teams have had heavy defeats also but it happens in that fixture. In the past i.e. 1988/98 we won 5-1 with Wilkins belter then they wont the next 3-1, then we followed up with a 4-1 NY game.

Under Advocaat they won 6-2 then the next game was 5-1 us on Flo's debut. It happens.


So it is all about reaction against Ross County and to get 3 points with a much better performance.


If Rossiter and Holt are available Id go:
















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Not sure if Rossiter is up to the Job alone yet so either with Halliday or Halliday alone as DM. The thing is we want to push high up the park but we have a central defence that runs as slow as shit in a funnel and that turns slower than milk. We are now in a class higher and the defence is being found out meaning our pressing game has all but diminished. We took the premiership teams by surprise last season because we were far fitter than they were but they all seem to have taken note and are all a lot fitter. While we can all blame Warburton for not bringing in a decent defender if I look teams in many competitions the level of defending over the whole of football seems to have gone through a slump. good defenders are not so easy to come by these days.

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