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Joey Barton - Is there a way back?

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BTW Did anyone think Barton had a good game against Celtic?


I don't rate Brown very highly but he seemed far better to me, and to cap it off Barton looked a bit foolish in the drop ball situation against him. Maybe it wasn't so bad, but framed in his boastfulness, it looked much more stark. However, I can' t think of anyone who showed much to admire in that game, including the managers.

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If he comes back with the wrong attitude and starts arguing with MW,before his first training session,hell last10-15mins.

If he gets rattier as the week goes on hell last ,maybe 5 days.

If he comes in and apologises,knuckles down and shuts his big mouth ,he may last 2 years.

Take your pick!!

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As he's not yet moved on, I think he'll be back IF he shows a bit more contrition (or at least a tiny bit of humility), and and shows more respect to the manager and the rest of the team.


He'll also have to get fit, and show some form in training.


I think MW has put him in his place and shown him he's not as big or important as he thought...


I can see him getting on the bench to start, as it would be a slap in the face to the other players to get straight back in the team, unless there are injury reasons.

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Better players than Barton have not settled in right away or for a long time when the come to Rangers.


I think once he gets fully fit he could be a big player for us. I am not going to have a go at him after a few games, same as any other new player who has not settled in right away.


I hope he comes back and does more of his talking on the pitch rather than off it and shows us the good player he is.

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