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James McClean in new poppy snub

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James McClean in new poppy snub as West Brom star refuses to wear symbol on shirt against Man City


THE Irish winger caused a storm of anger last season over his decision and the 27-year-old has again decided not to commemorate Remembrance Day.


WEST BROM star James McClean has once again refused to wear the poppy during his side's clash with Manchester City today.


The Irish winger made the headlines a year ago when he didn't wear one on his shirt against Manchester United and Leicester to commemorate Remembrance Day.


The Derry-born winger has previously refused to wear the poppy at former clubs Wigan and Sunderland, to the anger of those who feel McClean is disrespecting war dead.



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Scumbags like him will always be scumbags as they can't help it. They don't see the irony that their pointless little protests speak less volumes that the fact they are happy to live in England and get paid the queens pound. That shows the true measure of the man.

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I sometimes get the feeling the likes of him do this kind of thing simply for the back slapping it garners from like minded morons. As far as i'm concerned if the club say wear a poppy then for the day it's part of the club colours and you're effectively refusing to wear the strip if you pull a stunt like this. I wonder if the English press report disrespect like this as I notice this is from the record.


There is concern about muslims not integrating and not pledging allegiance to the parent country while claiming allegiance to foreign countries/ideologies and even terrorist groups such as isis and to me this is in the same vein.

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If McClean hates the UK so much why is he living & working in it ? why doesn't he just do us all a favour & leave. He won't be missed. Go & live in the EU-controlled 22 county state. And please take some of the pseudo-Irish from Glasgow's east end with you. We won't miss them either.


And what's WBA's view on this ? Do they think this acceptable ?

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Wonder if this would be another mark against Barton if he was to think of doing something like that here.

WBA if wanting to do the right thing should have left him out for a period of games for not obeying the club take on this.

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