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C****c Fire Warning To Semi Final Officials

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BRENDAN RODGERS denies trying to beat the system. But the Celtic boss freely admits to pursuing justice.''


I hope he has the same endeavour to pursue justice to all the victims of the paedophile ring @ his rancid club!

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Will the sfa protect their employees or will we end up with another strike?



Also are celtc really this worried about us.


I thought the same when I read that GS. The refs need to put a stop to their intimidation and nonsense. They have families and lives. The SFA should be protecting their staff as they have a duty of care. Brenda and the Rabids (sounds like a girl band...) should be hammered!

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Rodgers could help them by getting his players to stop diving.


Bet no journalist has the integrity to call him out on that.


I blame Isaac Newton.


When an opposition player goes down in rasellik's box, it's grave.


When a sellik player goes down in the opposition's box, its gravity.

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