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Rangers have been granted a UEFA license to participate in Europa League

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I've been in touch with Bert Kassies and he has now updated the relevant section of his site (not because I asked I hasten to add), as follows:


Since the Champions League title holder (Real Madrid or Juventus) already qualified for at least the play-off round of the Champions League, the Europa League title holder (Ajax or Manchester United) will gain access to the play-off round or the group stage of the Champions League, and leave an open spot in the access list. If Manchester United wins the Europa League then there will be an open spot in the Europa League group stage. If Ajax wins the Europa League then there will be only 8 teams in the 3rd qualifying round of the Champions League, which implies an open spot in the play-off round of the Europa League.


In both cases the open spot will be taken by the cup winner of the 13th country on the ranking list (Czech Republic). The cup winner of the 18th country on the ranking list (Poland) has direct access to the 3rd qualifying round, and the cup winners of the 25th and 26th countries on the ranking list (Scotland and Azerbaijan) have direct access to the 2nd qualifying round of the Europa League.




Aberdeen get this place if they win the Cup or if they finish 2nd in the League, because the Cup losers don't benefit.

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Not sure what result(s) occurred in Europe's leagues and cups, but as of today we are 'officially' a seeded team in Q Round 1.


50 seeded clubs will play 50 unseeded.


List of confirmed unseeded clubs to date...(25)


Shamrock Rovers Irl

Chikhura Sachkhere Geo

FK Jelgava Lat

SJK Seinäjoki Fin

Cork City Irl

B36 Torshavn Far

Derry City Irl

VPS Vaasa Fin

Valur Reykjavik Isl

EL3 Hun

Atlantas Klaipeda Lit

Suduva Marijampole Lit

EL3 Arm

Torpedo Kutaisi Geo

FK Trakai Lit

EL1 Sma

Bala Town Wal

Dinamo Batumi Geo

CW Gib

NSI Runavik Far

Balzan FC Mlt

EL3 Alb

Connah's Quay Wal

Bangor City Wal

CW And

CW Lat

Progrès Niederkorn Lux

EL123 Mac

Coleraine Nir

Ballymena United Nir

Folgore Sma

CW Est

CW Mlt

EL2 And

KI Klaksvik Far

St Joseph's FC Gib

CW Kos


KEY: EL1, EL2, EL3 - League position. CW - Cup winners.


UEFA uses some kind of regionalization in the first qualifying rounds. At first the clubs are divided into seeded and unseeded teams, and then the seeded and unseeded teams are split into regional groups. The general approach seems to use the North/Central/South scheme, but no specific rules are known.



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