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McInnes: Slams Pedro Caixinha 'Your job is to finish above Celtic'

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Ok ok.....STOP!


Let's see what Pedro actually said...



Now let's see McInnes' reply...




Now properly judge the situation given both sides and give a little thought to the obvious media stirring that is evident.


Who cares what the truth is, got nowt to do with us having a drama night and spoiling a good thread lol

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If we were to take Pedro's 8 league games in which he collected 17 points from a possible 24 and consider that an average for his team then if he had been there the entire season with that average of 2.125 points per game then after the current total of 36 games played we would have 76 points which is comfortably more than we actually have and 6 more than McInnes has with just two games to play. And I expect an improvement on that average 2.125 next season.


In addition McInnes is actually boasting about being 6 points ahead of Rangers with just two games to play which could soon be reduced to 3 points? In a season which everyone including the media apparently agrees we massively underperformed and he's proud of that slender margin?


As has been mentioned already it's absurd for him to complain of Pedro talking about the sheep when they are the next opponents and when he himself is talking about Rangers for the very same reason Pedro is talking about the sheep.

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HIBS boss Neil Lennon has taken a pop at Pedro Caixinha – saying the Rangers manager is no improvement on his predecessor Mark Warburton.


Celtic idol Lennon delivered his verdict on Caixinha during a*BT Sport discussion about the Portuguese coach’s war of words with Aberdeen gaffer Derek McInnes.


He said: “I think he has been average to say the least.


“He talks great in front of the cameras, looks great.“We all talk a great game about tactics and formations and this that and the other*– it’s a results driven business.

“I don’t think there has been any improvement since Warburton left.


“I agree with Derek. I thought Derek was quite spikey in his press conference but he had every right to be.“I think Derek has done a fantastic job and he’s right Rangers should finish above Aberdeen and he should not be talking about what Aberdeen are doing, about cycles.“Derek McInnes just builds on what he has already built and they’ve been so consistent over the past few seasons.”


BT Sport pundit Chris Sutton – a former Hoops teammate of Lennon’s – also backed McInnes.


Sutton said: “Pedro’s got under his skin. Derek McInnes is quite right.“Pedro Caixinha should concentrate on his own club and finishing above Celtic – Aberdeen shouldn’t be the benchmark for Rangers.”


Speaking before the play-off clash between Dundee United and Falkirk, Lennon also expressed dismay at Caixinha’s pursuit of Dons skipper Ryan Jack.


The Hibees boss said: “He shouldn’t talk about players who are still at a club.“A lot of clubs like ourselves would be interested in Ryan Jack but you don’t talk about it publicly and I think that irked Derek as well and he has every right to have a go back.”



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This is all just another instance where we are seeing the feint whiff of xenophobia, mixed in with McInnes neatly showing why he could never be a Rangers Manager.

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The Hibees boss said: “He shouldn’t talk about players who are still at a club.“ A lot of clubs like ourselves would be interested in Ryan Jack but you don’t talk about it publicly




Hahahahahahah, Lennon at his best.

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There is a lot of purile and simple babble coming from the usual and not-so usual places today ...


Interestingly enough ...

Media whips up speculation about us being interested in Jack

Media ask PC about Jack, who gives an honest assessment

Media creates hyperbole about it

Media ask McInnes about Jack and PC ... and Del reacts to media hyperbole rather than PC's assessment



and I reckon the managers will just shake hands tonight, to the utter bewilderment of the hyperbole-creating media folk.

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