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Summer transfer trap

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I keep reading that Rangers need to sign 12 new players for next season. While that would be ideal if we had an unlimited transfer budget, that is actually the last thing we need, in my opinion.


We tried that the last 2 summers. It worked out well in 2015, when Mark Warburton put together a squad that easily won the Championship by paying probably about double what Hibs could afford.

Didn't work out so well last summer though, when another dozen players were brought in by Warburton and Frank McParland. The net spend was probably about the same, say £5million. But you quite simply can't get 12 international class players for that sort of money, even if we were to spend £10million this summer.


What we actually need is half a dozen player of genuine quality, to complement players like Foderingham, Tavernier, Wallace, Mckay and Miller. And let's face it Brenda Rodgers only really signed 2 players last year. A couple of quality attacking players could wreak havoc in a league where the quality of player is at an all-time low. Proof of that is that we even managed to finish comfortably 3rd - back in the early 80s with a slightly better squad we never even finished that high!


So, 2 centre halves, 3 midfielders and a decent class forward and we should comfortably get into the top 2 next season. Then the following season we sign another half dozen internationals. Simple.


But what we simply cannot afford in any way, is the manager to bring in another dozen players who simply aren't Rangers class. We've got enough of them already, and most won't be leaving any time soon either..

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Plenty of international class players for free we can easilly sign 12 new players and be better than what we have Europe is the carrot big shop window for a move to England


When I say £10million that's including wages. International class players don't come cheap, even if they're Bosmans. Europe would only be a carrot if we get into group stages, which would be a bit of a miracle. Less likely than us winning the SPL I'd say.

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Wrong again depends what market we get them from and how early loads of international players playing in there own counties not snapped up yet by teams in stronger leagues Iceland Ireland Albania,pretty sure Norway and Sweden Finland there are players waiting to come to a huge team like ours go read my shouts on the page I made

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You look at that young lad Beerman and it makes you wonder.


BTW, we will have Rossiter and Kranjcar back in the summer, these are like new signings. If you like the look of Barjonas, you will love the look of Rossiter when fit.

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We're not signing 12 players this summer. Four or five decent ones would make a huge difference


Yes, and these players need the attributes that the current squad lacks.


So some physical players for the spine of the team and a goal scorer.


We really need a proper right back too but that's a lower priority in my opinion.

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1 Hamid

2 Mclaughlin

3 Sljelvic

4 Vlaar

5 Zimmerman

6 Soucek

7 Acosta

8 Hewlett

9 Larin

10 Papal

11 Berkroth









Sound like a good team of frees international class?


You ever checked how any of these chaps actually play or have played these last few years? Methink the Hearts Greek chap is an international as well, was it 60odd caps? On a free in the summer.

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