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Summer transfer trap

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1 Hamid

2 Mclaughlin

3 Sljelvic

4 Vlaar

5 Zimmerman

6 Soucek

7 Acosta

8 Hewlett

9 Larin

10 Papal

11 Berkroth









Sound like a good team of frees international class?


Don't fancy the Number 10

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Angola international winger released by sporting Lisbon still 23 would smash our league and entertain us to put to many wingers in the team though should have put more strikers up such as Jordan Morris Jamie McLaren Ognjrn Oregevic Juan Agudelo Gyasi Zardes

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What do you think?


When it comes to Fantasy Football, I keep to the Fantasy League player lists and see how much people cost and how many points they scored the previous season. While the above sure is fun, I won't go to TM and check out these 15odd people spread all over the place, since I doubt that any of them will make it into PC's mind. Shouldn't stop anyone from having this fun though.

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Ferhan Hozani has a year left on his deal still 26 has a fantastic goal scorer for a winger for club and country top stats


This guy is playing the Macedonian league...... He had a short spell at Brondby but then decided to return to a Macedonian team, doesn't show much ambition to me...... Also, stats should only be considered if looking at the wider picture, for example, there is a guy who plays for Maidenhead United(Dave Tarpey), a 6th tier team in England who scored 45 goals this season, however, I have seen him play and I wouldn't want him in a Rangers shirt

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