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King taunt Rangers chairman Dave King tells Celtic they will NEVER win ten-in-a-row..

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The 2nd coming of Bill Struth?


Okay, taking it a bit far me thinks, but Rangers are Rangers and Dave King at least has got that bit on the money, he really has the finger on the button.


We might not get 55 this season...then again we might just, who knows?


Supporting Rangers serves nothing apart from excitement and sometimes despair, despair has been on the table for so long now we tend to drift away from what this club is really about, especially the younger generation.


Today we have that belief (winning 55).


If we sit back and do nothing, nothing will happen - Dave King is only saying in what he believes, it encourages the Rangers family.


It's now up to the Manager and the players to make this work.


A Change Is Gonna Come...


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It's impossible to say right now if we can take the title this season but I wouldn't yet say that it's impossible to do so. I think I could say with a degree of confidence that a minimum second and a vastly reduced gap at the top is highly probable.


Let's look at it from what we can closely examine with absolute certainty, that's the season just gone. At the end of the day even with a team we all agreed wasn't good enough and that the media ragged on as if they were the worst team in the league actually plodded it's way to a respectable third place with a comfortable gap between us and SJ in 4th and a 21 point gap between us and heartz in 5th.


And all that with a team that both we and the media labeled poor.


The sheep finished 9 points ahead of us but that was actually a highly deceiving gap since we actually outplayed them 3 times out of 4 beating them twice and hammering them 3-0 in their own sheep pen. And this season it would appear they will be considerably weaker than they were last time out while hopefully we will be considerably stronger.


I think I can say the sheep will be considerably weaker because the team McInnes built has just been gutted of it's spine and there is no way they can rebuild that in the way Rangers can and are at this very minute. They are way out of the reckoning and may struggle just to be in the top 5. If they could rebuild that they would already have done it as we have because they're not going to be very far behind us in terms of having to play a Euro qualifier. The first leg of the second qualifying round is less than 3 weeks away.


Same with heartz, they just finished 21 points behind our misfiring team and that's probably about as good as they're going to get anytime soon.


The proposition that we will be considerably stronger is at this stage somewhat hypothetical since we have never see this team play. But, surely we have to give this manager some credit for knowing something about how to build a football team and further enough to know how to build a considerably stronger team than the one he inherited. And the chances are that we may add even more strength before this window finishes and yet more in the January window.


The opposition despite their 'invincibles' crowing are actually no great side. They're a mob who won as poor a Scottish league as I have seen in my lifetime, were beaten by the taxi drivers of Gibraltar, and came within a hairsbreadth of failing to qualify for the Champions league at all after being pummeled in Israel and only being saved when the Israelis missed a late penalty.


Then in the Champions league finished bottom of the group with not a single win and a 7-0 demolition at the hands of Barcelona. Invincibles are invincible. They don't get their arse handed to them by taxi drivers and thrashed 7-0 by anybody.


It's still early days and difficult to tell but even at this stage with reservations I think we can indeed do this. and if it doesn't come off for whatever reason then so be it. We will become steadily stronger while they have likely peaked and can only stand still or backslide from this position.

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We'll have to do the talking on the pitch after all. As old a stereotype this is, it holds true for every club and every new season. It has been used to death, not least coming from the jeering cabal of Sutton and Co., but at the end of the day, this is what we have to do.


Then again, King just told the world out there what our general feeling about the whole situation is ... and as opposed to our opinion (reeated thousands of times on fan boards, his words will MAKE the media pages and reach out into the world. So I for one am glad he uttered them.

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One thing I like about it is that King is basically dismissing the sheep as no competition at all. He is effectively saying that winning a league with the sheep as the main competition is nothing to brag about.

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One thing I like about it is that King is basically dismissing the sheep as no competition at all. He is effectively saying that winning a league with the sheep as the main competition is nothing to brag about.


He's not wrong, is he?

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It has been drawn to my attention that Dave King has upset the sellik sycophants of the Sunday Liam.


One Gordon Waddell offers this gem, copied & pasted below.

For someone who makes a living from writing (tripe, there seems little doubt, but writing, nonetheless) it is interesting that he chooses to assert the primacy of deeds over words.

Yet the article asserts, if anything, the importance to Waddell, of King's words over his deeds.

'Deeds' he says, 'are the measure of a man's character. Deeds earn a man trust. Deeds earn a reputation.'

Yet he attempts to traduce a man's character, undermine his trust, and trash his reputation, and all in words, about his words.

The sub text of Wadell's drivel is:

The deed is mightier than the word, except where the word might be in any way whatsoever less than laudatory towards rasellik.





Rangers chief Dave King should have accepted plaudits over retail deal and left ten in a row debate well alone


Gordon Waddell looks back on a busy week at Ibrox and questions whether the South African learned anything at all from his “Going for 55” nonsense last summer.

06:00, 25 JUN 2017


Deeds, not words, are the measure of a man’s character. Deeds earn a man trust. Deeds earn a reputation.


If only Dave King had left it at deeds.


Then you’d have nodded, said fair play, and waited to see if this was truly Rangers’ fork in the road.


Released them from a awful deal most of us believed would strangle his tenure for its full seven years, just out of sheer badness on Mike Ashley’s part. More a miracle than a deed, to be fair, even if the details are in short supply.


Revived their commercial and retail potential overnight. Recruited a director of football with a decent rep and pedigree.


Backed their manager with enough funding for a heavy-duty recruitment drive, acknowledging what he had inherited was substandard by a mile but without forcing him to get rid of the duds first.


King has put his money were his mouth is and backed Pedro Caixinha's recruitment drive


Obviously only time and results will tell whether Pedro Caixinha’s judgment was worth the backing.


But after the season they just went through, discovering their enormous limitations, even their fiercest critic would have to acknowledge that they’ve addressed most, if not all of them.


Not by talking about them. By actually doing something. Deeds.


But the words? Dear oh dear, Dave, the words.


If only he had left it at announcing the deal, accepted the plaudits, and got back on

a flight. He couldn’t resist though, could he?


Did he not learn his lesson from their “Going for 55” nonsense last summer? Has he never heard of hubris? In ancient Greece, the word originated with behaviour which upset the Gods, a foolish conceit, and in turn brought about that person’s nemesis, or downfall.


Swap Gods for Celtic and you’re pretty much there. Does he not remember the last time their over-exuberance wound their rivals up?


They hired Brendan Rodgers because of it. How did that work out for them?


Listen, from our point of view as newspapers, it’s great value. If he wants to say it out loud and for it to appear on our back pages, that’s his funeral. But he can’t expect what he says not to be analysed or criticised.


Two things. The first on the preposterous notion that Celtic are technically only at two in a row and not six.


That any title earned without Rangers being there is worth zero. That any number in a row is only a contest between their teams. It’s an insult, not just to Celtic but to the rest of the game as well, to suggest their efforts every season are only validated by Rangers’ presence.


Apart from the complete contradiction from when he took over in the first place and vowed to stop Celtic reaching 10, how does that stack up when, if they are there, they can’t even finish second?


If you take it further, back to their joint holy grails of nine in a row, when Rangers won theirs between 1989 and 1997, Celtic only finished second twice.


Dave King's logic means Rangers 1990 league title triumph was meaningless because Celtic finished fifth

The Hoops were third four times, fourth twice, even fell as far as fifth in 1990.


Were seven of Rangers’ nine actually meaningless because it wasn’t Celtic who were

making it a contest?


Do they not count because Hearts, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs all finished above them? Likewise when Celtic won theirs between 1966 and 1974, Rangers failed to get the

runners-up spot three times, falling as low as fourth at one point.


It’s hard to imagine King actually believes his own “We are the People” argument but if he does, what good does he think it’s going to do Pedro Caixinha by saying it out loud?


The second statement he made – that Celtic should be further ahead – is also

completely flawed. Celtic couldn’t have done any more than they did last season.


They won cups, earned tens of millions of pounds by getting into the Champions League, and lost to no one as they only dropped eight points in a record-breaking league campaign which saw them score 106 goals. He’s clearly confusing how far Rangers are behind with how far Celtic are ahead.


If the Hoops recruit well over the summer it’s possible they’ll maintain their superiority but inconceivable they can win the league by any more than that.


If ever they needed an incentive to have a crack at it, though, King’s trying hard to provide it. He and Stewart Robertson have moved heaven an earth to get Pedro what he wants this summer.


The real test for Pedro Caixinha will be on whether he has assembled a winning team to close the gap on Celtic


If they can get Graham Dorrans and Jamie Walker in, their intake will reach double figures, their starting line-up will be unrecognisable as we know it needed to be. And the manager can stand or fall on his judgment and ability to put a winning team on the park.


What he doesn’t need is his chairman providing their rivals’ team talks for him.

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